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2024 coloring calendar to print and download today

Following on from our traditional 2024 calendar printable, and the editable 2024 calendar version (coming soon), we have a first for you. Our 2024 coloring calendar is a set of 12 coloring pages, with the same designs as the free calendar printable we have. This time you are able to personalise it with your kids interpretation of the images we have chosen.

The image is a calendar with a list of dates for October and November 2024, as well as a link to download a colouring version of the calendar.

As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the fresh, uncharted pages of 2024, we can now introduce our brand new calendar coloring sheets! Bursting with whimsical scenes and playful themes, each sheet is a delightful blend of calendar functionality and creative coloring fun.

January to March: Winter wonders and spring surprises coloring calendar

January 2024

Kick off the year with our January coloring sheet, where a winter wonderland awaits. Frolic amidst snow-covered trees and feel the crisp winter air as you color in this charming plasticine-like scene.

February 2024

Let your love take flight with a heart-filled hot air balloon soaring high amidst a sky dotted with adorable balloon decorations. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the month of love and Valentine’s Day.

March 2024

As March rolls in, get ready for an Easter egg-stravaganza! Our March sheet features a cute bunny gnome, surrounded by a medley of eggs and flowers. It’s an egg-citing way to herald the arrival of spring!

April to June: Spring blooms and summer fun calendar coloring pages

April 2024

In April, the showers bring May flowers, and our coloring sheet brings a vibrant spring home nestled amongst tall, blooming flowers. It’s a picture-perfect way to welcome the season of rejuvenation.

May 2024

May takes us to a colorful fairground scene, complete with a towering fairground wheel. Let your imagination run wild as you add your own splash of color to this delightful scene.

June 2024

June invites you on a camping adventure beneath a canopy of trees, with cozy tents and crackling fires. It’s the perfect scene to kickstart your summer escapades.

July to September: School’s out and Fall’s arrival

July 2024

Celebrate the end of school in July with a dynamic scene featuring stacks of books and a soaring rocket. It’s a testament to the knowledge gained and the adventures that lie ahead.

August 2024

August takes you to a sunny beach scene, complete with a palm tree, comfy deckchairs, and a surfboard ready to ride the waves. It’s a tropical paradise right at your fingertips!

September 2024

As September rolls in, color your way through a gorgeous house set amidst autumn colors, symbolizing the arrival of fall and its warm, earthy hues.

October to December: Spooky scenes and festive celebrations

October 2024

For October we bring you a touch of spookiness with Halloween-themed decorations, including a mischievous Halloween cat and a grinning pumpkin. It’s the perfect scene to get you in the Halloween spirit.

November 2024

In November, brighten up the month with a spectacular display of traditional fireworks. Let your colors burst on the page as you bring this vibrant scene to life.

December 2024

Finally, December presents a heartwarming Christmas scene to fill with festive cheer. It’s the perfect end to the year, full of joy, warmth, and a sense of anticipation for the new year ahead.

So, grab your favorite coloring tools and join us on this colorful journey through 2024! Each month brings a new scene to color and a new story to tell, making this calendar a delightful blend of practicality and creative fun. Whether you’re a parent looking for a fun activity to share with your kids or a child eager to let your creativity run wild, these calendar coloring sheets are sure to bring a splash of color to your year.

How to incorporate learning into your coloring calendar

The paper displays a drawing.

If you are looking for some simple learning activities to use with your coloring calendars, why not try one of these?

  • Have the children color in each month’s calendar page and talk about the various events associated with each month; such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and special occasions.
  • Use the illustrations to introduce the concept of time and how to plan activities accordingly.
  • Engage students with creative writing prompts based on each illustration, such as asking them to write a story about what happens when they follow an animal in one of the images.

To download the calendar, just click on the button or the image below, and you can then download the PDF.

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People are being offered a free 2024 calendar to download and color in with their kids for educational and fun purposes.

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