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Christmas giveaways: Sign up to win BIG this Christmas #KiddyChartsAdvent

We have always given you A LOT of fun at Christmas, and we are making sure that 2023 is no different, we have a mass of wonderful Christmas Giveaways planned. We typically have our advent giveaways starting on the 1st December and running for 12 days afterwards. This year is NO different, we are going to be making sure that we have something for everyone this year too. All you need to do is ad yourself to our Advent mailing list, and we will let you know what is happening when:

Want to learn about who we have on board already, then scroll on……

If you are a brand and want to take part, then do contact us too to find out more information.

Follow the hashtag #KiddyChartsAdvent on Twitter to see what is happening too.

Sign up to win BIG this Christmas

Christmas is going to be a little tough this year for some, there is a lot going on in the world, and there are plenty of people struggling to make ends meet. As a social enterprise, we want to make things that little bit easier for those out there, so we thought:

Let’s at least help 12 families to get something special this Christmas

So for every day for 12 days we are giving away a prize that should help to make Christmas for one family here in the U.K. Apologies to our global readers that most of the prizes will only be available in the UK. Our Christmas giveaways have been running since 2014, and each year we try to make someone’s Christmas.

Who is expected to take part in the 2023 Christmas giveways?

We are still working on this – we will release the packages to brands in October. We always have some strong brands signing up and have worked with the following in the past:

  • Microscooters,
  • Orchard Toys,
  • Flexispot
  • Gibson’s games,
  • Playmobil
  • LEGO
  • Quarto Kids, and
  • Cuddledry.

As you can see, we like to try and get excellent brands involved in the Christmas giveaways. But it isn’t just about the free stuff – we also have a wonderful Christmas activity book in production as well for you all…

Don’t forget our Christmas Activity Book

As part of the plan for our giveaways for advent, we have a 25-page activity book packed full of Christmas based activities for the kids to get stuck in to. We LOVE passing on our free activities for kids, and Christmas is no exception. Last year’s Christmas activities went down incredibly well with our audience. Why not have a look at it now in antipication of these years fun?

Do make sure you sign up so you hear all about it when we go live.

If you are looking for Christmas Fun, we do have loads of amazing ideas on the site, so do check them out here:

Christmas Ideas for Kids

Looking for fun ideas for Christmas, then do take a look at these thoughts NOW!

There are also lots of other ideas off site too:

Other Christmas activities on the web for kids

Some other ideas for Christmas activities for kids.

We hope that this is helpful for you, and we look forward to chatting to you again about our Christmas Giveaways in due course.

Christmas Giveaways

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