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How to wean from breast to bottle

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Weaning from breast to bottleIn the final one of our series of hangouts on weaning we are chatting about moving from breat to bottle, having already covered stopping using a dummy, and moving from a bottle to a cup.

As usual, we are chatting to Kate Barlow who will be giving that advice on moving from breast to bottle, or stopping breast feeding completely. We cover topics such as:

  • How to do it
  • What feeds is it wise to start with
  • What shall we do if they refuse to take to the bottle
  • How can we make it easier for mum and for baby moving from breast to bottle
  • Should we worry if things don’t work straight away
  • Should I be expressing breast milk to use to the bottle
  • Is consistency the key?
  • What to do if we are looking to wean a toddler from the breast

As with all things parenting, the most important thing is to make the decision and stick with it if you are weaning from breast to bottle. Whatever the reason for making that decision, it is worth sticking to your guns if it is right for you.

Kate advises that breast milk is really “for a feed” so remind yourself that if you are still using the breast then it is most probably for comfort, either for your or the child, or something for the toddler to do, or snack on. You can decide when you have had enough, and gradually cut things out.

And remember, don’t feel guilty about that decision; if it is right for you to wean from breast to bottle, then it is also right for your child :-D

Parenting Snapshots: Weaning off the breast

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