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Sod the New Year resolutions, who’s for Cake?

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New Year resolutions; Doesn't the cake whisper to you too?

New Year resolutions; Doesn’t the cake whisper to you too?

I may have mentioned before that I don’t really do New Year resolutions; we don’t even do New Year resolutions for kids in our house….so perhaps it was a little strange to find me chatting about them to Cherry Healey and Britmums this week in a hang out…

Or actually, perhaps not…

Because, though we were all coming from very different places about them; there was very much the same theme. For me, they always involve cake, having too much of it in the house, and therefore not being able to ignore it.

It shouts from inside the cupboards at me you know…

For all us us, whether we made them or not, New Year resolutions, the start of a New Year, etc. etc. should all be about being positive and realistic, and not about getting hung up on our weight, or our inadequacies. We should all just give ourselves a break and focus on the positive.

So, reader, lets all be thankful for what we have, brush off those New Year blues, neuroses, and anxieties, and look forward to the wonderful year that 2013 will be for everyone as long as we are looking at it in the right way.


And yes, I know, that’s easier said that done; and no, I am afraid I don’t have the answers to how we all do it – but lets at least give it a dam good try!

So here is to a wonderful 2013 for one and all; May it bring you whatever you wish for.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.