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How not to do the school run in five easy steps

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How the school run is meant to be

I think this is what we are meant to look like on the school run....clearly I don't

It didn’t start well – at all. There were tears and tantrums from Stuntboy as something didn’t quite do what it was supposed to.

But it got even more pants from then.

So here, in five easy steps is what not to do on the school run before an important meeting that you can’t be late for.

I assure you I am an expert at this…

1. Don’t try craft before breakfast
We don’t get on; craft and I.  But that’s for another post.  Suffice to say, glitter and toast don’t go together.

2. Don’t pick the morning you do to then give in to the kids and let them butter their own toast
See previous comment – had to buy more margarine after the carnage…

3. Don’t attempt to prepare for a meeting while negotiating the highly controversial treaty; “who will have the reindeer cup for breakfast”
Every morning, its the same, but combined with craft chaos, and me trying to use my business head at the same time, my negotiating skills were appalling and it all took far too long to sort out…oops *mummy fail*

4. Don’t stubbornly refuse to use de-icer to remove solid ice from your car
I think that perhaps sometimes I am bloody-minded just for the sake of it, but I simply wouldn’t go and get the de-icer from the boot. I was determined that “I didn’t need it”, so spent far too long hacking my car out of the ice. Why? Probably the same reason my daughter refused to back down about having the reindeer cup I imagine….

5. Don’t stay and listen to your child’s assembly with your car lights still on
Clearly, I wasn’t able to listen to the alarm that was telling me my lights were on when I dropped the kids off.  Too much other stuff to think about. My brain screaming “we are going to be late”  drowned out the sound of it.  Didn’t drown out the shouting when I returned to my car though.

Nuff said.

Its down to the kindness of others that I managed to get to the meeting on time, but suffice to say it was a minor miracle; and inspiration for another post another time.

Anyone else have any tips for the school run?  Anything I can do to improve it much appreciated!

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Wednesday 5th of September 2012

My tip - take heed -as they get older they are unreliable. I stupidly asked my 13yo son last week to check that his school shoes and trousers still fitted. Yes they're fine he yelled. Show me I cried. For god sake mum honestly they're fine. GUESS WHAT - first day of term today and I'm greeted with the 'mum I think my feet have grown since last week' shoes don't fit and the only pair of trousers that fitted were covered in choc cheerio milk as he tried texting while eating cereal - ON THE SOFA grrr. And I remember vividly the morning when he was 2yo and threw weetabix all over me in my work clothes thinking it can only improve as he gets older - NAIVE!


Wednesday 5th of September 2012

Thanks v much, Elinor. Mine are pretty unreliable now - was hoping that might actually change! ;-)

Helen Lindop

Wednesday 29th of August 2012

I think you're really brave for even entertaining the idea of craft before breakfast! Although edible glitter on toast might be OK? Then at least the kids can eat their creations and it saves a bit of tidying up. Two birds with one stone and all that. :-) Thanks for entering the blog carnival.


Friday 15th of June 2012

I think most of my school run tips would involve driving and avoiding road rage; having as much organised the night before as pos, and plenty of wine (for the afternoon run)


Thursday 14th of June 2012

Oh no! The school run and I are old enemies so you have my sympathies. Mine would be: don't check your emails quickly, it might seem like you have lots of time but it always takes longer than you think.

Thanks for linking and tea and biccies for you.

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