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What do your kids do that scares you?

My Non-Executive Research Director – He’s four you know…

Inspirational kids

My children are an inspiration.

Not least our little stuntboy; the youngest and most troublesome member of the KiddyCharts clan. Along with all the family, he helps with designing our reward charts – but like a built in research department; it works for him it’ll work for a good few kids…

Alongside this, he also helps keep my blood pressure up…

I am writing this while he stares captivated at a skateboarder at our local skate park.  He has been there for an hour and to be honest, I don’t see the fascination. I do suspect though that I will have made several trips with him to Accident and Emergency by the time he is leaving junior school….

He is four and a half and a big bundle of smiley, lovable, cutesy, trouble.


Cotton wool tales

He is already very capable on his scooter. And it does rather scare me.

He finds such joy in it though, so who am I to stop him?

Stuntboy just wouldn’t be the same without his tendency to throw himself in, around, and off things in a wonderfully carefree, and frankly a wee bit dangerous, kind of way.

So I grin and bare it, despite being terrified when he goes near the bowls on the big boy skate park. He is a safe distance from them, but the mother in me still wants to scream in a terrible banshee like manner.

Instead, I cringe as he picks himself up after yet another fall, sometimes a deliberate one of course, without the hint of a tear in his eye.

There is always a big grin on his face instead.

Do you let your kids do things while you secretly quake with fear? What activities did you do as kids, that you’ll not be keen on your kids taking up? If so, what; do comment below?

And even better, any pictures that you can share? Please come and join us on KiddyChart’s Facebook Pages and post away!

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