#SunFun: Mummy – Its Not Mr Tickle, its You!

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I am just going to let the title of the post and the picture speak for themselves.  Thanks to Mammasaurus and Actually Mummy for this fabulous new meme which is injecting a bit of Sunday Funny into our lives.

This week, I was mainly laughing and feeling proud all at the same time; my son (four) discovered the joy of whiteboards, hence the limited colour scheme.

And this is me, apparently. Looks a little bit like someone else with long, orange arms don’t you think?

Mr Tickle Mummy
Its you Mummy!
Its a Sunday Funny Day - Come join in by clicking #SunFun

Forgive the slight lateness in adding the badge to this linky – to be honest, I am just learning the WordPress ropes and its a miracle I worked it out this fast…Sunday night inspiration again.


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