blogfoster UK: 5 reasons to monetise your blog with the new kid on the influencer marketing block

I have been blogging for over five years now, but I am still learning. There isn’t a week that goes by without me finding out about something new. And this week was no different, when I signed up to the new influencer marketing platform, blogfoster UK. It is a pleasure to work with influencer marketing platforms, […]

by Helen • March 9, 2017
We have the perfect gift list for bloggers everywhere. What would you add to the list though? What gifts would you like to help with your blogging and the balance in your life.
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The perfect blogging gift list

Today we are talking Santa’s wish lists in 12 Days of Parenting, do check out some of the other posts from my fellow bloggers including Spice, Life and Laugh and Monkey and Mouse. I am trying to focus on my parent blog at the moment, I thought I would chat about bloggers gift lists, or wish […]

by Helen • December 14, 2015
Do you have a sick child? How do you make that call between sending your child to school or staying at home?
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What do you do if your kids take a sick day?

I thought we were done with the winter colds and fevers but alas, no, here in spring term and I have my youngest off. All 3 had days off towards the end of the autumn term just as the Christmas productions were beginning. He has been complaining on and off all week about not feeling well […]

by Helen • March 12, 2015
returning to work
Healthy lifestyle tips

Returning to work …. 5 top tips on leaving baby

It’s not easy returning to work after maternity leave. I have had two kids, and was back in the saddle after nine months with the first, and 11 months for the second. The second wasn’t any easier than the first. Practice does not make perfect when you’re a working mum. However, you can make the […]

by Helen • January 14, 2015
How do us parents really feel when the kids go back to school? We ask and you answered!

How do us parents REALLY feel when they go back to school?

  So they have been back at school for some for a week or so now. On the first few days of term, this was circulating the old Facebook timeline-y thang…. Post by Helen Neale. I sort of smiled when I saw it, and did the done thang and shared it. Then I actually sat […]

by Helen • January 13, 2015
Are you looking to get a little extra as a mum? Then Check out GetPaidTo to see what they can offer you, they have money to earn, and cashback on purchases - which if you were buying anyway...why wouldn't you?
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GetPaidTo: Surprise yourself and earn from your armchair

  I was recently asked to review the GetPaidTo website as a way for earning a few extra pounds as a mum. My work at home journey has been fraught, and just ever so slightly bumpy and generally not how I actually imagined it would be at all. I am clearly the ideal person to take a look at a […]

by Helen • November 12, 2014
What is domain authority, why should webisite owners and bloggers care? What happens when it changes? I found out this week....don't make the same mistakes as me!

What the hell is domain authority anyway and why should we track it?

That is a question I ask myself all the time… I have asked people who know, I have thought I knew, and I have looked at it with my sonic screw driver in my hand (you’ve got to be in the right frame of mind, obviously) for a hell of a long time – but NEVER ONCE […]

by Helen • November 11, 2014
What is shared parental leave in the UK? We chatted to the Equalities Minister to find out, and you can join us!

What does Shared Parental Leave mean to ME?

If you are anything like me, sometimes politics just all seems too much. The choices seem to become even more blurred , or more extreme, and I find it hard to know what one political party believe from one minute to the next. However, I have always been acutely interested in the developments around helping parents […]

by Helen • October 24, 2014
Tips to make sure you don't miss your kids performances - some of these may be deliberately cheeky *who me*?
Parenting Tips

10 tips to stop you missing your kids performances #mummyfail

Both this and last week I committed yet another moment of massive working at home mummy naughtiness. #mummyfail There is nothing worse than being told by your child that you have forgotten something and can’t be there for them when they thought that you were going to be. My wee boy’s face fell as he […]

by Helen • October 23, 2014
Destination Digital gives women free support around new digital technologys - take a look and see how it could benefit YOU!

Destination Digital – FREE advice for women in Cambridgeshire: Cofficing back into the working world

  Sometimes writing this blog, and running this site has thrown me the odd curveball, and an amazing opportunity lands in my lap. That was what happened a few weeks ago, when I found myself at the Cambridgeshire County Council (“CCC”) offices talking about my journey developing KiddyCharts and my championing of the new flexible […]

by Helen • October 16, 2014