Executive Director No 2 - Chatterbox

Stopping talking for a moment to smile - I'm 6 you know

Will you please just stop talking?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter.

I am just telling it like it is, just as I did when you met little Stuntboy. There is no getting away from it, my daughter is chatty.  She talks to the cats, to her toys, to her brother, and to any adult that will listen.

Sometimes I catch that look on the adult’s faces when she is talking to them.

It’s usually a mixture of sheer amazement that a six year old is chatting to them like this, coupled with a mild glazed look. They simply aren’t convinced that the reason why mummy has three spiderman toys in her handbag is necessarily that interesting….

Reward Charts Quality Control: Little Miss Opinionated..?

I am pretty sure that when she was born, she told the surgeon that they should have realised that she was the wrong way round much sooner. And then it would have been easier for mummy.  So not only does she chat, she has an opinion on everything.

And that includes my reward charts business of course. She’s a bit like the quality control department to be honest. This can be a great help. She had a thing or two to say about the design.

Also had a few opinions on my logo as well. Like the one with a star sticking out its tongue; “too rude, mummy” apparently.

So, with a great deal of affection, we call her Little Miss Chatterbox. It’s the Little Miss that seems the most appropriate for her. Don’t get me wrong, Little Miss Sunshine comes a close second.

Who are your Little Misses and Mr Men?  Stuntboy is, of course, Mr Bump. How about your little ones? Let me know in the comments below.