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How to get a toddler to sleep in their bed: our top five tips

How to get a toddler to sleep in their bed: Top 5 tips

This is another guest post from Maria Albertsen as part of our series of Thursday Thoughts for Parenting Behavioural Challenges; slightly late because of the holidays – but Sunday isn’t bad considered what we have all had to do this week, Eh? A lot of Mums and Dads end up feeling so tired during the day as […]

by Helen • August 12, 2012
Guest blogger; Neil Fellowes from The Chocolate Club
Behaviour training tips for parents

Lessons from Fairy Tales: Using Goldilocks To Teach Your Kids Multiple Things

When your child complains school is boring and you know their education is a priority, you have to step in. And there are many ways you can do this…This week I stepped in with making homework come alive; to help teach lessons from fairy tales. The project was to retell an old tale and the […]

by Helen • August 10, 2012
Taking kids on holiday to the mountains and not to a beach?
Family holiday locations & tips

Family holidays with kids – why not try in the mountains instead of the beach?

A couple of weeks ago we did the family holidays with kids thang; we went to Austria with the kids on holiday. We used to go a fair bit before having children, to Ski and to walk, but we have been back twice to the same place now with the children. The kids have changed […]

by Helen • August 8, 2012
20 free things to do in the summer holidays - walking a friends dog
Family holiday locations & tips

20 free days out with kids over the summer holidays

This is our regular guest post by Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching. Do you sometimes feel (like me) you are spending a fortune to keep the kids happy and entertained? Here are some ideas of free days out with kids this summer: Picnics – don’t have to be exciting or special food just eating somewhere different […]

by Beckie • August 7, 2012
PECS Experience with Autism
Special Needs

Autism Mumma: Our Experience with PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)

Today we have a guest post from the lovely, Autism Mumma. Do read her blog, its an inspirational story of her journey with her daughter, D, who was diagnosed with autism before she was five years old. She is passionate about raising awareness of autism; as she herself calls it the “invisible disability.” Today she […]

by Guest Blogger • August 6, 2012
Five top tips for the modern mum to save money
Parenting Tips

5 tips for saving money: the modern mum way

This is a tongue-firmly-in-cheek guest post from Pooja Juneja on saving money the modern mum way. So, over to you, Pooja to tell us about yourself: I used to work on fancy power point presentations and excel sheets. Then, I became a Mum and my world changed overnight. I soon found the gurgles and my son’s […]

by Guest Blogger • August 3, 2012
North Greenwich Arena before the London 2012 Olympics Mews Gymnastics Qualifying Rounds
Kids toy reviews

London 2012 Olympics, but…it really DID live up to the hype…

I admit it, I got it wrong. I wasn’t getting that excited by the Olympics. The Olympic Torch Relay did get me going a bit, even when Stuntboy announced he needed a wee at the crucial moment. But all the other Olympic stuff just seemed all a bit un-real. Even though we actually had tickets, […]

by Helen • August 1, 2012
Summer holidays when the kids actually work together

Summer holidays with kids; One week down and we are all still standing!

This is our regular guest post by Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching. Last Saturday saw our traditional welcome to the summer holidays with kids; a pancake breakfast. I would like to write we carried on in that image of complete family harmony unfortunately that would be a bit of a whopper!! Now a few hot and […]

by Beckie • July 31, 2012
How do we raise confident kids? We have nine tips to help those kids to fly! #kids #parenting #confidence
Behaviour training tips for parents

9 tips for raising confident kids; support your toddler to find their inner explorer

This is a guest post from Vivien Sabel, who is a parenting expert who has recently published her book “The Blossom Method,” which offers parents a revolutionary way to communicate with their baby; before the tears even start. Today, she looks at raising confident kids. Inner explorer what is this? Well this post examines how […]

by Guest Blogger • July 30, 2012