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Easy tulip (or cracked egg) Easter basket craft for kids

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Anotehr simple craft - this time an east basket for the kids - something they can make and then use to collect all those chocolate eggs you have hidden around the house!

This is a really simple Easter basket craft that also allows your kids to have fun decorating, while giving a basic shape to play with.


  • Paper bag; we have a plain one, but you can just as easily use patterned ones as well for a more decorative effect
  • Scissors
  • Marker pen
  • Foam shapes; Easter or spring theme
  • Marker pens
  • Tissue paper
  • Washi tape
  • Anything else for decoration


1. Cut zigzags in the top of the paper bag; be very careful NOT to cut through the handles of the bag
2. Find something round (a small plate works really well here) and draw around it so the edges of the plate create a tulip bell shape at the bottom of your bag
3. Cut the edges off the bag along the lines of the plate
4. Open the bag out, and tape the edges together where the holes are so that your tulip shape is sturdier
5. Line the bottom of your bag with tissue paper – any colour will do, but we have used orange and yellow in keeping with Easter. This is rather important as otherwise there are holes in your bag, aren’t there?
6. Decorate your bag anyway you wish; we used flowers, and a lovely Happy Easter message

Some ideas for you for decorating your Easter basket - as simple as making the basket too!
7. Now you are ready to go collect some Easter eggs!

We hope you like this craft – we know it’ll never win any awards, but the whole idea is that the kids can do it not you! :-) Make sure after making it with them, you don’t leave it about the house as well, as otherwise your children might play with it too vigorously and rip it *ahem*.

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