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Easter craft for kids: Decorated hatching chick

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Looking for an easy Easter craft to do with the kids? Why not try this one - its simple, and my son came up with the idea!

This is our second Easter craft for kids from our Bostik box, as sent by Craft Merrily. This one was created, with a little guidance, by Stuntboy. It is his original idea to do a hatching chick though.


  • Polystyrene egg
  • Bostik glue dots
  • Bostik glue pen
  • Small yellow pompom
  • Two googly eyes
  • Orange foam star
  • Yellow foam star
  • Coloured washi tape (we used patterned, but cream might work really well here depending on the effect you want)
  • Textured brown material
  • Straw string


1. Wrap your Washi tape around the egg until it is completely covered. Alternatively, you could paint the egg and then allow it to dry.

Washi tape is incredibly versatile - here we are decorating an egg for a simple Easter craft for you all.

2. Put your two googly eyes on the yellow pompom to make the chicks head.
3. Cut a point off the star for the chick’s beak and add to the yellow pompom.
4. Stick the head onto the top of your washi tape wrapped egg, so it looks like their head is just poking through.
5. Add some crack marks with a brown/black marker to the egg. You don’t have to do this of course :-). My son decided that he wanted to do this bit, as you can see by the random black marks on our egg! ;-)
6. Cut the points off the yellow star, and add to the egg around your chick, so it looks like the chick has broken through the shell.

Here is your chick and the cracking decorated egg - can you see what effect we are trying to achieve here?

7. Cut a square our of your brown textured material. If you don’t have this, then brown card would work just as well
8. Scrunch up your straw into a nest shape and stick your straw, using your glue dots, to the brown material. As you can see, the messier you can get it, the better.

Straw effect string - perfect for nests at easter!
9. Using another glue dot, add the egg and the chick to their straw nest.
10. Finished – your decorated hatching chick :-).

Another simple craft that you can leave your little ones too while you get some jobs done around the house – honest.

We were sent the craft box to create something for Easter from Bostik. All ideas are my sons though.


Tuesday 11th of August 2015

that's so cute hihi love it!

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