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Moshi Monsters #3: Splatter, the Emin-ent artiste

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Splatter Series 10 Moshi Monsters

Lubber and Oopsy starting our Moshi Monsters series 10 countdown; and we have already hit the first weekend of frivolity. Today brings us Splatter, the abstract artiste of the moshlings’ world. We have already met him many a time within the game, and finally he had landed on our toy shelves, something that my daughter is particularly happy about. In fact, she was willing to make a video on Splatter as he is her favourite of ALL the moshlings….

Splatter is a bit of a Tracey Emin, creating abstract art from anything that he can find; from pickling oobla doobla to spraying unsuspecting moshlings with a bit of glitter glue and sticking them on any nearby walls. He is all about trying to win the coveted Blurgh-ner prize for the best abstract art – so watch out if there is a Splatter about, otherwise you might find yourself the centrepiece of his new artistic works.

Likes: Emptying bins over unmade beds and finger painting

Dislikes: Anything in the Googenheim and art critics

Hope to see you again tomorrow when we reach day 4 of our Moshi Monsters Launch Day countdown. Do pop in your email below to subscribe for more Moshi news, and other great giveaways, and parenting advice. We are a lovely bunch *honest* [mc4wp_form id=”16050″]   Splatter Moshi Monsters Series 10 Character Card

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