Moshi Monsters #2: Oopsy, the tea obsessed loonies

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Oopsy Moshi Monster Series 10

Yesterday was launch day for Lubber, today is the turn of the rather tea-obsessed Moshi Oopsy. He makes his home in a teapot, which he tries to row down Moshi highstreet with a spoon *as you do*

Some people think that this is because he is rather partial to a cold tea foot bath…personally I think it is because he is as batty as a fruitcake, and just wants to be different. It take an awful lot of silliness to be different in Moshi land, right? Because he is a bit barmy, my son likes him the best of all the series 10 moshlings. Our blog is graced with a video from Stuntboy…and he doesn’t normally like to take centre stage, so well done Oopsy!

Known as “the clot in the pot,” Oopsy Moshi’s teapots are always spotty…so if you visit a friends house and are presented with a spotty brew, don’t forget to check out for moshling footprints in the buttered scones…

Likes: Nursery rhymes and reading tea leaves

Dislikes: Coffee and tea bags

We are about to enter the first weekend of our countdown, so check out the blog tomorrow to see who we are unleashing on the world on day 3.

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Oopsy Moshi Monsters Series 10 Character Card

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