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Shoe-in deals from Skipping into spring with new shoes…

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All around the country, there are little people complaining of sore toes, and we all know what that means don’t we…

  • They have had a growth spurt and you need to fork out money for ANOTHER new pair of shoes
  • They have decided that the last pair of school shoes that were “in” are now very much “out” and are hoping that complaining will cause you to purchase the next set of “in” shoes
  • They realise that Granny is listening, and they could be in with a chance of a nice new pair of shoes if they complain loud and often enough
  • They just dropped the Nintendo DS on their feet…

Spring is traditionally a time for new growth, and it appears that, at least in my house, this applies to feet as well. But don’t worry, we have managed to find a few deals for you on shoes from, so if you need a spring in your step, we might well have found it for you!

Why not try out these great shoe offers:

Glittery Gold Sandals from Kickers

These are enough to make most little girls go giddy with glee, and they are being offered at the site at Spartoo from the Kickers’ latest girls’ collection. You can get 5% orders over £50 at Spartoo with


Kickers – boots built to last

Kickers have been around for eons, making shoes that are built to be bashed about while enjoying that spring sunshine. Get yours at the company just by visiting the Kickers offers page, and your little one might be working about in a pair of these gorgeous boots.


Canvas sneakers for all!

Sometimes in the spring, we all need a little comfort, and the kids are no different, so some Canvas sneakers wouldn’t go amiss would they? Check out these from Zalando and your kids could be wearing the same on their feel as Romeo and Cruz Beckham…but for a lot less I’ll warrant!  ;-) You can get £5 off when you spend £50 or more with Converse.


Timberland boots for boisterous boys

Just because the girls like a bit of glitter, doesn’t mean that we can’t have something for those boys too; and Timberland boots last well, even for the most batty of boys out there. There us currently up to 20% off orders at Spartoo which would include these of course. Visit the Spartoo offers again for more info.


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