Hands up, how many times have you installed an app and clicked ‘I agree’ without reading the terms and conditions? Have you thought about eSafety?
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eSafety: 5 apps you didn’t know let your kids talk to strangers

Hands up how many times have you installed an app and clicked ‘I agree’ without reading the terms and conditions? And who’s reviewed the privacy settings on their Skype or Facebook accounts recently? Nope. Not many of us. In fact, over half of Facebook users don’t know what third party apps have access to their […]

by Helen • December 7, 2017
Are you looking for some gifts for the kids that are a little different? We have three for you here, including something that helps them WANT to brush their teeth; the Playbrush!

3 great gift ideas for your kids that you won’t have heard of

With every Christmas goes by, new and exiting presents for kids gets harder. The same companies release similar products every year to tempt you to part with our money. We have compiled a list of 3 present ideas you may have not heard of, but would put a smile on the face of any child! […]

by Helen • November 6, 2015
Are you looking to get a little extra as a mum? Then Check out GetPaidTo to see what they can offer you, they have money to earn, and cashback on purchases - which if you were buying anyway...why wouldn't you?
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GetPaidTo: Surprise yourself and earn from your armchair

  I was recently asked to review the GetPaidTo website as a way for earning a few extra pounds as a mum. My work at home journey has been fraught, and just ever so slightly bumpy and generally not how I actually imagined it would be at all. I am clearly the ideal person to take a look at a […]

by Helen • November 12, 2014
What is the real truth about motherhood - not sure nine years later I even know, but here are some thoughts!

The real truth about motherhood #voiceofmums

  This photo was taken when my daughter was two days old – nine years ago to the very day…..she’s a bright, bubbly, beautiful newborn. She doesn’t look like one, she looks decidedly alert. It is just like she was cheering her mum on for having working hard for 30 hours to get her into […]

by Helen • October 6, 2014
New ISAs explained: Scottish Friendly

My husband’s an accountant so I get the New ISA…do you?

  Confession time…my husband is an accountant. I know I told you he was Bradley Wiggins on my “other” blog, but clearly I wasn’t 100% honest about that…he just likes cycling, and actually he spends all day in a suit with a calculator *not stereotyping at all* We have an ISA, and from the 1st July – […]

by Helen • July 2, 2014
Child Safety Week

Child safety week: Battling the morning chaos

This week is Child Safety Week – did you know? I didn’t either until I was contacted by Betta Living to write about it. Go easy on the honey, honey… The emphasis on the campaign in 2014 is on morning mayhem…I have written on the blog about my rather chaotic mornings and utterly controlled school runs *not.* In all […]

by Helen • June 23, 2014
Cool gadgets to get from couch to cup

Summer of sports: 5 cool gadgets to take parents from couch to cup

  I am a gadget geek…whatever it is, I would like to be able to do it with the latest cool gadget. However, this gadget nerdy-ness, doesn’t help my mission to improve my fitness levels because usually, getting all sporty on my “ass,” isn’t actually going to give me much opportunity to use whizzy gadgets. You […]

by Helen • May 15, 2014

Shoe-in deals from Skipping into spring with new shoes…

All around the country, there are little people complaining of sore toes, and we all know what that means don’t we… They have had a growth spurt and you need to fork out money for ANOTHER new pair of shoes They have decided that the last pair of school shoes that were “in” are now […]

by Helen • May 9, 2014
How to choose your paint colours: Infographic

Colour me beautiful: How to choose the right paint for YOUR house

  Hubby and I have been doing a bit of DIY recently, and is actually got us thinking about the rest of the house, not just the kids bedrooms…and we realised that the whole place needed a lift. We have been here for nearly 10 years, and it isn’t just us that is getting old […]

by Helen • May 8, 2014

Spiderman swings his pants in New Evian Baby Me Advert!

Sometimes I end up sending a little too much of my time on YouTube; mainly looking for useful stuff that will help with all those parenting tips that we write… As we all know, YouTube can get rather distracting, so when I spotted that Evian have released another in their series of Baby vids, I couldn’t resist […]

by Helen • April 4, 2014