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Five times more household energy used now than 40 years ago; It’s all Apples and pears mate!

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Energy Consumption: Apple to blame?I have written before about the importance of conserving energy in the family house; from managing your energy consumption at Christmas, to using the latest mobile technology to control what you are using and when.

However, it wasn’t until I spotted the infographic below that I realised just how much the march of technology has effected the increase in energy consumption; 40 years ago we didn’t use anywhere near as much of energy for one key reason…we just didn’t have so many blooming devices on the go at once!

In our household we have:

  • Three laptops
  • An iPad 2
  • Four iPhones; two old ones, and two new that mum and dad use
  • Two TVs; one with an attached Virgin box
  • Numerous household appliances dotted about the place.

Apples are taking over the world *sorry not a pear in site – I did that for cockney affect* It isn’t just Apple of course. Though if I had my way, everything in my house would be made by them. Do they make toilets?It’s also Microsoft, Sony, and everyone other big technology brand. They keep on inventing “new and improved” consumer goods for us to well, erm; consume.

From 2000 to 2012, the energy consumption we can blame on pooters (as Stuntboy would say) has more than doubled.

Of course, this is clearly not the full story. It isn’t just computers, it’s all our new-fangled appliances, coupled with the increased population which ishaving this dramatic effect on UK energy consumption.

I really think we better start understanding more of what energy we are using, so we can start a bit of pruning don’t you? *Can you see what I did there?*

How do you manage energy consumption in your house? Do you have a smart meter? Are you exploring mobile apps? Do let us know.

Be smarter with your consumption and choose the right energy tariff.
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Tuesday 1st of March 2016

its to a azing article. i really enjoyed it.

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