Energy Consumption: Apple to blame?

Five times more household energy used now than 40 years ago; It’s all Apples and pears mate!

I have written before about the importance of conserving energy in the family house; from managing your energy consumption at Christmas, to using the latest mobile technology to control what you are using and when. However, it wasn’t until I spotted the infographic below that I realised just how much the march of technology has […]

by Helen • January 20, 2014
Energy Conservation: App

Energy conservation: Syphoning off Stuntboy’s power

Last night my little boy refused to go to sleep… This was despite: Getting up at 7am Building a new lego fortress by 7.30am Going to school to reek havoc on un-suspecting teachers Unleashing his energy on Lego club, which may have involved more fortresses, and probably a fair number of spaceships, Star Wars over […]

by Helen • December 5, 2013
Saving on energy: Christmas tips

Christmas money saving tips: Save on energy…

This is a sponsored post as per our disclosure policy. Last year, we wrote a wee postie about some great money savings ideas for Xmas, but we didn’t cover something that is actually rather important to be aware of at Christmas…what money you can claw back if you save on energy. You would be surprised at just […]

by Helen • November 29, 2013
Parenting Tips

Food for thought: 5 tips to become a Savvy Shopper

This is a sponsored post. Energy is not in short supply in our house… I often watch my son, and wonder whether if I plugged him into the National Grid his bouncing would actually power Essex. It might, at least, keep all those curling tongs and nail driers going… *appalling stereotype alert – run and […]

by Helen • May 14, 2013