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BT Wifi hotspots: More time in my coffice… FREE app for finding them all for BT Broadband customers #free

BT Wifi Hotspots App: Get more chocolate in your life!

I am partial to working in the coffice, clearly there is nothing more relaxing and important to me than to make sure that there is plenty of chocolate involved in my business plan.

It is also important to me because it’s the time of the day when I kid myself that I am doing something for me; and I pretend that I am not actually working at all…despite that fact that within 2 minutes of sitting down with my diet coke, chocolate-y snack and paper, I am getting out my new laptop. This is, of course, the laptop which I specifically bought so I would be able to work in Costas and in particular my local, rather amazing, coffee shop Cafe CouCou which has shortbread to die for.

If you are ever in Saffron Walden, and you don’t pay a visit to Cafe CouCou you are missing out on something rather special *hopes everyone takes note*

However, like many independent coffee shops in this land of ours, they don’t have wifi…and so I have had to use my iPhone 3G network to get access to the worldwide web, and that can be a little hit and miss. It would be much easier if I knew where the BT wifi hotspots all were, so I could login and start surfing away.

*Phew* BT has a wifi hotspot app, which enables users to connect to the internet wherever they are. They have a total of 5 million hotspots in the UK, more than enough to find one where you need it. The App gives details of the BT Wifi hotspots, but also other ones too; so you have a good chance of being able to connect to on wherever you are.

BT Wifi Hotspots App: Logo

Even better; you don’t actually have to do anything – the Wifi App connects automatically, so you don’t need to log in everytime you reach a hotspot – you can focus on drinking that coffee / diet coke while your phone does all the work for you. More importantly, you might even be able to sneak that little bit more chocolate into your life *sighs hopefully*

Believe it or not; the app is also totally free for BT Broadband customers…so why not Download the BT Wifi hotspots App from the Apple app store? Might make that chocolate cake eating a little easier right? And if you happen to be an Android *no I don’t mean Data from Star Trek* type person, then the app is available for download on Google Play too. No excuses for staying connected.

No excuse for me not to be in the coffice everyday now, is there. *Dam you BT Wifi hotspots you*

This is a sponsored post written according to our disclosure policy with BT.

Do you use the coffice – how do you connect to wifi – will this be helpful to you to do too? Let us know below.

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