Working Mums: Eight reasons why chocolate should be in your business plan

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Working Mums in the Coffice
Working hard in the coffice – honest….

A week or so ago, I worked in the coffice.

For those of you who haven’t encountered that yet, it basically means sitting in a coffee shop with a WiFi connection pretending to work, but in fact eating chocolate brownie.

While I was doing this it made me realise how important chocolate is to working mums. Or perhaps that’s just me?

So, here are my reasons why chocolate should always be in the business plan.

  1. It gives us energy for all the tasks ahead. I know it’s not the right type of energy and all that but…
  2. It’s an inspiration. Clearly this is true, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this chocolate brownie fuelled post
  3. It tastes lovely. Bit obvious I know, but it’s got to be said
  4. It enables us to indulge ourselves while we are trying to work. How many business mums have held a chocolate bar in one hand while managing your business / and or complicated lives with the other? In fact, mums everywhere can indulge whatever we are doing; though getting chocolate on the washing is not generally a good plan. However, blaming the kids can work…
  5. It’s relatively cheap. Admittedly my brownie was rather indulgent, but I deserved it. However, for the price of a mini Lego figure I’ll take the chocolate anyday. And chocolate bars, well they are about the same as a first class stamp, aren’t they?
  6. You don’t have to share. Bad mother. But I have been sharing pretty much everything since I had kids including my time in the loo. Chocolate at work is mine, all mine!
  7. Calories don’t count when you’re working. I know this isn’t true. But it makes me feel better. And it probably explains why I am a 16, which is apparently “more than a” plus size these days. But I am happy being a plus and having chocolate in my life to spur me on
  8. You can even use it in marketing. Give a chocolate away with your business card at events. We are all going to love it if you do.

So that’s my lot. If I had more chocolate I could probably think of some more. But sadly, the brownie has gone. The chocolate pixies took it.

So these are my reasons for my chocolate scoffing at work. Please share yours – I am pretty sure you have some too!

Note: This is not a sponsored post – I just love chocolate.  If any PRs are interested in contacting me to write a review, etc., then please do drop us a line.

Sharing is caring!


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