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Spiderman swings his pants in New Evian Baby Me Advert!

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Sometimes I end up sending a little too much of my time on YouTube; mainly looking for useful stuff that will help with all those parenting tips that we write…

As we all know, YouTube can get rather distracting, so when I spotted that Evian have released another in their series of Baby vids, I couldn’t resist a little peak, particularly as this one involves a superhero who is a particular favourite of Stuntboy’s….

Even Spiderman it seems is effected by the vitality of Evian and gets his own “Baby Me” in this video. We all remember the roller skating baby, but the new The Amazing Baby & Me 2 campaign, seems to have given Spiderman his dancing shoes alongside his wonderwebs.

Our esteemed hero meets his “Baby Me” on one of his spider-web spun flights above what appears to be New York city, and they end up boogie-ing in front of a mirror.

I have shown it to my little boy, and he has already rushed upstars to find his Spiderman outfit, which is actually a couple of sizes too small, to get Gangnam-Styling infront of the mirror in his bedroom…the power of YouTube eh?

Why don’t you check it out yourself – perhaps it’ll give you and yours a new lease of life and you’ll be swinging those pants infront of the mirror, or hitting the nightclubs all over again with that new youthful feeling coursing through your veins!

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