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Moshi Monsters #4: Misty, the spray can superstars

Misty Moshi Monsters Series 10

Yesterday was the arties day with Splatter popping out to visit us all. Today, we have another arty to add to the mix, the lovely little Misty – a cute little spray can for all your colouring needs.

As you can imagine, a Moshi Monster that is loose with a spraycan could get everyone into a heap of trouble. Misty doesn’t buck the trend, and is more than happy to spray anything in sight including YOU. Her motto is:

“Why say it if you can’t spray it?”

Watch out, otherwise you might find yourself covered in colourful sentiments! Misty and her pals are being tamed though, as the more famous of the Moshi Monsters, such as Blingo, are using Misty to help decorate their cribs. They can come up with some wicked designs I’ll bet you.

Why not hire one yourself and see what happens?!?!

Likes: Big shaken up and big blank walls

Dislikes: Blocked nozzles and pins

Thanks for joining us for Day 4 of the Moshi Monsters countdown, do come back tomorrow and see what monsters are lurking in your monitors.

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Misty Moshi Monsters Series 10 Character Card

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