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Moshi Monsters Series 9 Countdown #3: Wandering in is…Wuzzle

Moshi Monsters Series 9: Wuzzle


It is Day three in the Series 9 countdown, and yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting the rather madcap Cleetus; the seal that doesn’t even like water. Today we have Wuzzle; who is a wandering Wumple…but what in the name of Blinki is that?


These little fellows don’t really have a home since they lost it somewhere and somehow in the amazing custard flood in the Land of Moshi in 99999.5… *of course, custard can get everywhere can’t it?* They are wise wee fellas, and look just a little bit like Gandalf if you ask me *no-one did, cheeky*. They always carry heart shaped charms with them to make sure that if there is another Wumple nearby they can locate them. I think perhaps they get a bit lonely. Probably comes from being of the rare kin I guess.


Sage, profound, nomadic.


Be careful of these fellas; if you aren’t careful they will whip of their clothes and indulge in a bit of nude meditation; perhaps alongside making some hokey quotes as well.


Anything quick doens’t go down too well with a Wuzzle; so bustle and fast food are out. They prefer sedate dining in a secluded place I imagine.

Rarity Rank

153 – Rare

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