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Moshi Monsters Series 9 Countdown #2: Reel him in…Cleetus

Moshi Monsters Series 9: Cleetus

Yesterday we were introduced to the cutesy Willow, and today we have another wee animal…he is looking remarkably like a seal to me; complete with a little fishing rod. He is, in fact, Cleetus the “Reel” Seal. So there you have it.


Believe it or not, Cleetus is afraid of water; so don’t go trying to find him in any Moshi watery location, because he won’t be there! His fishing reel isn’t for fish *of course it would be he is a moshling, so nothing is logical* No, his reel is for collecting rusty hubcaps with and pretending that they are flying saucers… *silly me*


Simple, deluded, talkative.


Despite his dislike of water, he does rather like fishy tastes, but only so far as fish paste. He is also a bit of a fan of conspiracy theories, hence the UFO-hubcap-thang


He doesn’t like navy seals, or fancy pants I am afraid. Well, who does.


Tomorrow we will give you another new moshling to chomp on; not literally of course. If you are a Moshi fan, do follow the blog as we are Moshi Ambassadors and get some great opportunities and news about them as a result.

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