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We are an OFFICIAL Moshi Monsters blog!

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The Moshi Monster moshlings went on a new mission a few weeks ago, to seek out 30 men and women from the world of blogging to be chose as an official Moshi Monsters Blog…bloggers that would be able to get exclusive content, and some fantastic prizes for you, their lovely readers.

And guess what…KiddyCharts are going to the party – we are now an official Moshi Monsters Blog!

Official Moshi Monster Ambassador Badge

My kids are BEYOND excited. And so, secretly, am I…not least because it means that I have an excuse to swot up on all things Moshi without other mothers giving me those peculiar sideways glances that one reserve for those that mutter quietly to themselves on the bus…

I now also have a reason to have a favourite Moshi, other than my children’s obsession with them you understand *its Tomba by the way*

So – why not make sure you are in with a chance of winning any Moshi goodies that come the way of this blog by signing up to the Blog, you can do it through our mailing list, or even Bloglovin’, depending on what tickles you fancy.

That way you won’t be missing anything Moshi from us, will you?

Anyone for some cake to celebrate?

Moshi Monster Cake

Or if you don’t fancy this one – how about the one a friend made for Stuntboy’s birthday this May?

 Iggy Moshi Monster Party Cake

I told you my favourite Moshi – would love to know if there are any others out there who are partial to a bit of Tomba – what’s yours…and don’t cheat!


Tuesday 9th of December 2014

Nice designs. Very neat like apple products. Thanks for sharing!

Mum of One

Tuesday 10th of September 2013

Well done you! And that is one epic cake!

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