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10 Tips for a fabulous family bathroom: Your free checklist inside!

As a parent, we all want what’s best for our families. From healthy meals to creating a safe and comfortable living space, there’s a lot to think about and plan for. One area that can easily be overlooked in the midst of all the chaos is the family bathroom. Whether you’re preparing to fit a new bathroom or simply looking to update and improve your current space, there are some key elements to consider. As a parenting site, we’ve put together a 10 point checklist that will ensure your new family bathroom is not only functional but also promotes positive mental health with easy cleaning practices.

Even better, we have included a checklist for you to download to tick things off as you design everything too!

This post was created in collaboration with Builder Depot, a leading London-based timber and builders merchant.

This image provides a list of 10 tips for designing an awesome family bathroom, with a link to a free checklist to help with the process.

Start with the basics

When it comes to fitting a new family bathroom, it’s important to begin with the basics. This includes the toilet, sink, and shower/bath. Consider the size of your family and what you’ll need to accommodate everyone’s needs. If you have young children, a lower toilet and step stool may be necessary.

Storage is key

Clutter can quickly accumulate in a family bathroom, so it’s important to ensure you have sufficient storage space. Install cabinets or shelves to help keep the space tidy and organised. This will also make cleaning easier as there will be fewer items cluttering up surfaces. A builders merchant such as Builder Depot will have loads of choice for storage, anything from vanity units, to stunning wall units. There is bound to be something to hide all those kids toys in 😂.

A modern bathroom with a luxurious bathtub, sink, tap, window, shower, tile, cabinetry, mirror, tub, and ceiling is being renovated to create a stylish interior design for a property.
Source: Builder Depot

Choose easy-to-clean materials

With kids running in and out all day, messes are sure to happen. Choose materials for your bathroom that are easy to clean to help lessen the stress of daily cleaning. Look for non-porous surfaces such as porcelain or quartz for countertops and floors.

Keep it bright

Bright lighting can help to improve mood and create a sense of wellness. Make sure your new bathroom has ample lighting, including overhead lights, vanity lights, and natural light if possible.

A tripod stands in the middle of a shower, reflecting a bright light off the mirror.

You can even consider bringing lights into the shower area with recesses – particularly if its quite a dark space naturally. Do think about the colour of the tiles here, lighter colours can lift a space a lot.

Safety first

Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to fitting a new bathroom for your family. Install grab bars near the toilet and shower for added support. Consider slip-resistant flooring to help prevent falls, especially if you have young children or older family members.

Add a touch of practical luxury

Installing a few luxurious touches can help elevate your family bathroom. Consider adding a heated towel rack or rain showerhead from Builder Depot for an extra special touch. These little luxuries can also help promote relaxation, which can be beneficial for reducing stress levels.

A modern bathroom with a plumbing fixture, tap, and shower is designed to provide a comfortable and stylish atmosphere.
Source: Builder Deport

Consider accessibility

If you have family members with disabilities, it’s important to ensure your new bathroom is accessible for them. Make sure there is enough room for a wheelchair to maneuver and consider installing a roll-in shower for easier access.

Keep it colourful

Colours can have an impact on our mood and emotions. Consider incorporating calming colors such as blues and greens into your new bathroom design. This can help promote relaxation and improve overall mental health and well-being.

The bathroom has a mirror and toilet.

Install a ventilation system

Adequate ventilation is important in any bathroom but even more so in a family bathroom. With so many people using the space throughout the day, it’s important to have proper air circulation to help prevent moisture buildup and mould growth.

Make it fun

Last but not least, make your family bathroom fun for the kids! Add a splash of colour to the walls and incorporate playful décor to make the space feel more inviting. How about an awesome family fun shower curtain from your kids favourite show perhaps? There are loads on Amazon that might work really well? When kids feel excited about using the bathroom, it can make the daily routines more enjoyable for everyone.

A person is relaxing in a yellow bathtub in a bathroom indoors.

Fitting a new family bathroom can seem overwhelming, but by following this 10 point checklist, you can ensure your new space is functional, safe, and promotes positive mental health with easy cleaning practices. Remember to focus on the basics, prioritize storage and safety, choose easy-to-clean materials, and add a touch of luxury and fun. With these tips in mind, your family will be able to enjoy a new bathroom that meets everyone’s needs and provides a relaxing and enjoyable space for daily routines.

If you want to see our checklist for this – here it is!

This image provides a checklist of tips for designing a family bathroom, including considerations for storage, cleaning, safety, and luxury.

Click on the image above to download it as well 😊.

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This image is providing tips on how to design an awesome family bathroom, emphasizing the importance of easy-to-clean materials, storage, and fun.

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