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Win £279 Playhouse from Backyard Discovery to celebrate their UK launch

Sometimes we bring you amazing giveaways, don’t we? Well we definitely have one for you today from the amazing Backyard Discovery. They are a leader in outdoor play and patio, and their amazing products are now available in the UK. To celebrate their debut, they are giving away one of their premium wood playhouses with us, worth £279.

A giveaway is being launched in the UK to celebrate the launch of Backyard Discovery's £279 Timberlake playhouse, with the chance to win the playhouse as a prize.

What are these these gorgeous playhouses from Backyard Discovery like?

This is the Timberlake playhouse model. This playhouse is as durable as it is pretty thanks to its all wood cedar construction.

A young person and person are standing in a grassy outdoor field, playing with a toy in front of a house, tree, and playground.
Source: Backyard Discovery

The charming and delightful set has wide windows that invite in the sunny breeze. The front of the house features adorable flower pot holders and a cute half door, which adds to the enchanting look. Young ones can entertain their friends by serving refreshments through the snack window, while the inside of the house is equipped with everything one could imagine, including a sink, stove and cordless phone!

This easy-to-assemble summer kit promises endless hours of fun and will make your little ones feel like adults in their own cozy little abode. Whether they’re playing house or serving tea to their dolls, it’s perfect for boys and girls who love to have fun in the sun. With its many features, this kit has something for everyone!

A toddler plays in the grass outdoors, holding onto a wooden child-sized chair.
Source: Backyard Discovery

How to win the Backyard Discovery Timberlake playhouse

As always with our giveaways, we aren’t asking too much of you. We have a Gleam widget for you to take a look at and to use to enter:

Win Backyard Discovery Timberlake playhouse worth £279

You can enter in a few different ways – but not TOO many, so it doesn’t get too complicated for you all:

  • Visit the brand on Instagram to see what they get up to, and if you like what you see, give them a follow, though this isn’t part of the entry requirements,
  • Visit the Backyard Discovery website to take a look at the Timberlake playhouse, and explore all their products. Let us know in the comments which product you like the best and why,
  • Sign up to our giveaways newsletter,
  • Follow KiddyCharts on Twitter,
  • Share a tweet about the giveaway mentioning KiddyCharts,
  • Share a unique link to the giveaway on any social media, and if others enter through your link, you get some bonus entries.

This giveaway will be open until Thursday 22nd June at 11.59pm. Make sure you enter now, so you don’t forget all about it. And if you need a little more convincing about how awesome this really is – check this out too:

Timberlake Playhouse - Backyard Discovery

We think this is awesome, and we know your kids will love it. Do check out Backyard Discovery, they have some amazing products both for your kids, and also the family garden generally. Gazebo anyone?

Good luck to you all in this giveaway, and do check out the other ones that we have on the site too at the moment:

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We hope to see you on site again soon.

Take care,

This image is promoting a giveaway for a chance to win a £279 Timberlake playhouse from Backyard Discovery.

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Rachael H

Thursday 22nd of June 2023

I love the BELMONT SWING SET, my sons would love it and it’s a great size for most back gardens!

Amanda Botterill

Wednesday 21st of June 2023

I love the Beacon Heights Wooden Playhouse, my granddaughter and foster kids would play on that for hours!!

James Travis

Wednesday 21st of June 2023

Lakewood swing set, be great in for my nephew and niece to play on.

Elodie Ladlow

Tuesday 20th of June 2023

The Timberlake playhouse my daughter would just love imaginative play with this

Geraldine Tennant

Tuesday 20th of June 2023

The wooden pergola would add a new dimension to our garden enabling a shady nook to be created.

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