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Kids wall art ideas: Free printables for your kids room

The best kids wall art ideas are not just the ones that will look good – you need ideas that will last and stay with your child as they grow if you can. if you are redesigning a kid’s room, most will go through a few iterations until they move out, so do bear this in mind when you are decorating. We’ve got more than just the kids wall art ideas for you today though, we also have some free printables for you to add to the walls too!

As we have already mentioned, some of the best kids wall art ideas are those that are functional and durable. What about some initial wall decor ideas for you, and then we’ll move on to the printables:

  • Kids dinosaur wall decal: A great way to add character to a kids room is by putting up some dinosaur wall decals on walls. This is a simple and cost-effective way to decorate a kid’s room that looks great and has many benefits – sometimes it is even more fun to pick out those dinosaurs that offer you a spot of vibrant color too. Kids love a spot of fun in their rooms.
  • Kids star wall art: You can buy some inexpensive wooden stars from your local craft store, paint them in bright colors, and then hang them high on the walls of your children’s bedroom or playroom with fishing wire or ribbon.
  • Kids tree wall decals: Putting up tree wall decal is a great idea for a boy’s or girls’ bedroom.

Wall decals are a great idea to add something that little bit special to your kids rooms, and they make great gifts for them too. If they don’t like the above ideas, think about what they DO enjoy. Perhaps they love animals? Or they are in to sport? Whatever it is, check out the decals you can find in the theme that they are interested in.

Aside from thinking about the durability of your wall art – what other considerations are there?

Dinosaurs are always a winner which is why we suggested them above, but there are loads of other suitable wall decal choices too.

Aside from thinking about the durability of your wall art – what other considerations are there?

What parents need to consider before decorating a kids room

To make sure that their kids are both comfortable and happy in their room, and with the design, parents can offer a tour of the space and show different rooms to them, as well as ask their child what they think about – of course if you are creating a nursery things might be a bit different! It is well worth considering the size of the room, the color of paint, and the size of furniture to put in it.

A child’s rooms can come in all kinds of different sizes and shapes. A child’s room that is too small will not have enough space for furniture and toys, while one that is too large will feel empty and may be prone to clutter. Sometimes though, we don’t have the choice and have to use a small space, so we just go with the best we’ve got, and make it work for us! Consider the color of paint. While the color palette for a child’s room needs to be lively and bright, it also needs to be able to provide spaces for relaxation too, so think about how you might use the decor to create different “zones” in your child’s room.

Here are 5 of the best kids wall art ideas for you – that’ll help with any thoughts you have while you are decorating, and hopefully using our printables too. You’ll never need to have empty walls again!

Hanging airplanes from the ceiling

This is a CLASSIC for a kids room – make some model model planes, or even buy some ready-made wall hanging airplane for the room. This is SUCH a fabulous idea, and works so well for kids that love planes, and transport in general. A small touch, but a really effective one. Pain the planes in bold colors for an even more striking effect.

Themed bedroom with a unique theme

Our kids’ bedrooms are the most private and safest place for them in their home. As teenagers, they will spend A LOT of time in their rooms. 🤣 Kids rooms are used as an escape from the busyness of work and family life, and kids need a theme that reflect them, when they are in the room that means the most to them.

Believe it or not, a themed bedroom could even help your child to relax and sleep better, so it IS a good idea to have one if you can. Choose the theme with your child if you can, if they are a bit young, take note of what they like the play with, their favorite color, the things that interest them, or make them smile, and in-corporate that into your themes. You can even ask them who their favorite characters on TV and in films are, just in case you can use them too.

If you have a particular mantra that you want to encourage your child with – pop those on the wall. We hope that these printables can help a little with that. Scroll down the article to the grey button to get them.

No matter what theme you have – you could even add a chalkboard wall to the room – which is a bonus idea for you!

Fractal rainbow on the ceiling

A fractal rainbow on the ceiling is a visualisation of a fractal equation. It can be used to show how different shapes and patterns can be created by taking curves and adjusting only one parameter at a time.

For children who are interested in mathematics and science, and want to see how math is applied in the world, a rainbow fractal is a cool Maths game – for those that love colours, its just an awesome rainbow! 

The best part about this activity is that it’s not just fun, but also educational. Children can learn about patterns, shapes, and math concepts like symmetry and iteration through creating their own fractal rainbow on the ceiling. It’s a great way to make learning more interactive and engaging for kids.

To create your own fractal rainbow, you will need some basic materials like colored markers or paints, a ruler, and some paper or cardstock. First, draw a straight line across the length of your paper using the ruler. This will serve as the base for your rainbow.

Next, choose one color from your markers or paints and draw a curved shape on top of the line. Then, adjust only one parameter (such as size or angle).

Starry night sky on the ceiling or walls for your little astronaut

Star ceiling projection is a one-of-a-kind experience that you can only see at home. It turns any room into a starry night sky, with thousands of stars and planets from outer space, and it seems like you’re looking up at the sky from the ground.

Different companies produce star ceiling projection systems: some are projected on your ceiling, while others project on the walls. However, they all use the same concept: an image of an endless sky is put on a projector or screen and lights are used to create the illusion of space.

These projectors are very cool – you can, of course, create your own stars and planets using decals as well – so there are permanent projections in your kids room. Whichever one you opt for – its a fun addition to any room.

A tree house playroom theme with paper airplanes and tree branches in the corner

For this idea the walls are painted with leafy green forests and the floor can be covered with green felt. It works for the whole room, or just a little reading nook for your kids. If you pop a few trees into the corner, it can even be used for pretend play as well. Making the area fun with vibrant colors, is the best way of getting your kid to read too. If you can come up with your own unique design for your tree house theme – even better!

We do hope you think that these are fun ideas for a kids’ bedroom, and it’s got those juices flowing for some diy projects for you for the future. Having a tree house playroom theme is a great way to incorporate nature and imagination into your child’s space. Not only will it encourage creativity and play, but it can also serve as a peaceful retreat for your child to unwind and let their imagination run wild.

To add even more fun to the room, you could even combine some of the ideas, so add the paper airplanes hanging from the ceiling or scattered throughout the space, alongside the trees! Doing both adds an element of adventure and movement, making the room feel like a real-life tree house in the sky.

Another key element to this theme is incorporating tree branches further into the decor in the room. You can hang them from the walls or place them in vases around the room. Not only does this bring in another natural element, but it also adds texture and dimensions to the room.

Show me your kids wall art ideas

As we like to do, we are giving you a little preview of the kids wall art that we have for you – here are a selection of the images you can get for free from us. Do pop over to our shop to see what other wall art we have available. We also have some baby shower / nursery wall art on this site too.

We hope you have as much fun with these kids wall art ideas as we have.

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We really hope that you like the advice in this article – do check out some of the other wall art ideas we have on site too.

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