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How to create a gallery wall in your kids bedroom

Creating the perfect wall art for your kids bedroom doesn’t need to be as hard as you might think. Having a gallery wall within the room can be a wonderful focal point for the space, and an inspiration to your children, both to relax or have fun, depending on the theme for the wall.

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We have put together a few tips for creating a gallery wall for your kids, that makes it easier to create, and more personalised for your child too.

1. Stop. Think. Then start the gallery wall

How to create a gallery wall in your kids bedroom

This might sound like a little bit of a strange way to start any tips based advice, but sometimes when we are rushing about creating, we don’t take enough time to stop and think what it is that we are trying to achieve with our latest project. For a gallery, this is actually really important. What is your objective? What feel to you want? Is there a theme? Sometimes it even helps to make a mind map to get your thoughts in order.

2. Make a mood board

Gallery Wall in your Kids Bedroom

Once you have gathered your thoughts, it is worth actually gathering inspiration next – create a mood board for your gallery wall. Perhaps there is a theme you want, or you aren’t sure and you need to go and explore more than one idea, or colour scheme for your gallery. Put them all together on a mood board so that you know what you are aiming for. The beauty of this is that creating the board will also give you ideas of specific products too. Pinterest is a great place to go for inspiration for mood board, as well as product purchases around gallery walls. There is almost too much to see on there!

Remember your mood board can include pretty much anything you want, flowers, clothes (we’ve got a T-shirt here), photos, magazines; pretty much anything that provides you with inspiration on themes, colours, textures, quotes, and ideas.

3. Choose your colours

Once you have “seen” your colours and topic ideas within the mood board, it is much easier to decide on the colour scheme that works for you and your children. Don’t forget them in all of this, so ASK them about their favourite colours. Think about that colour wheel, and also the emotional connections between specific colours too. We find that reds and blues can have different affects on our kids, so it might even be worth looking at the psychology of colours for kids too. This might help you focus down even more depending on what the gallery wall is for.

4. Nail down that theme

Kids Wall Gallery

Once you have your colours, and your mood board, you really ought to have decided on the theme for the gallery wall now. Remember to think about how the wall will grow with your children too. Are you willing to change it up as they grow, or do you want it to last a few years? Make sure you think about this when picking a theme. Something that is a passing fad, such as a fixation for a gaming character, is likely to be more transient that something with a more evergreen theme, such as superheros, animals, or even reading generally. Do discuss it with your children too, sometimes they have the best ideas for topics that you would’y even have thought of. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box too, from the wind, to emotions, anything goes!

5. Measure up, layout and go!

Kids Bedroom Gallery

Finally, you just need to measure the space on the wall you have chosen for the gallery in your kids bedroom, and check that the space properly. How many pictures do you want? Odd or Even? Sometimes an odd layout works well, and can make the gallery wall a feature, particularly if the shapes of the images/posters you have are a little offset. Have a play with the ideas, relative to the bedroom space you have chosen. It can be a lot of fun tryinfy to work that layout out.

Good luck with all of this – we do hope that these ideas for your kids bedroom as helpful. We do have other home interiors inspiration on the site, so why not check it out?

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