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5 kids bedroom ideas to inspire their imaginations

Your kids spend a lifetime in their rooms; so why not build their bedrooms to fire their imaginations? We’ve had a look at the wonderful world of Pinterest, and come up with a few ways that you can delight your kids with some amazing bedroom ideas to inspire their imaginations, and let their minds take flight!

1. Add a frame to the bed

Kids love something a little bit different in their bedrooms, so a great ideas is to add a frame to the bed – which you can then use to create any type of space that suits your child, from creating a little green space to a little bit of a play space. Do be careful of hanging items when you use this type of effect though, as chords can be dangerous with younger children, of course.

2. Brighten up the walls with a mural

It is all too easy to focus on the furniture and lighting when you are looking to inspire the kids with their rooms. So you mustn’t forget to use the walls in your rooms to help your kids. Why not take a look at using some wonderful children’s wallpaper murals to add more than a splash of colour to your kids bedrooms? There are lots of different ideas to choose from, including animals, fairies, pets, and space. There has got to be something that will suit your child’s particular obsessions!

We've got some great kids bedroom ideas for you to get kids imaginations run wild in your house! #kidsbedrooms #imaginations #kids #bedrooms

3. Make their reading space a welcoming place

One of the most important things to do when your children are little is to encourage your kids to read. There is no better way to achieve this, and to inspire their imaginations than to make sure the space they read IN is somewhere they really WANT to go. You can help with this by using the other ideas in this post, making their bedroom welcoming. But you can’t beat, making sure that where they choose to read just tops everything else in the bedroom. Why not give them a really special space for their books, from an elevated reading nook, to a really gorgeously decorated bookcase area. Whatever you decide to do; make it special as the reading it encourages, will give your child skills and a love of books that will last a lifetime.

We've got some great kids bedroom ideas for you to get kids imaginations run wild in your house! #kidsbedrooms #imaginations #kids #bedrooms

4. Build yourself a LEGO table

Toys are obviously incredibly important for inspiring your children to get creative with pretend play. And there is nothing quite like LEGO for doing this. It works from a young age, thanks to LEGO DUPLO, and continues into adulthood for many! Who could resist the Harry Potter LEGO Hogwarts Castle?

To help your kids to create even more with this wonderful toy, why not make your own LEGO tables for them to use? These are an amazing idea for any kids bedroom to give them time to create. Not to mention the pain it’ll save you with less chance of you stepping on the discarded LEGO.

We all need somewhere to go to make that LEGO house work for us.

5. Let the lighting take centre stage

You could be forgiven for just adding a funky lampshade to the central light in a kids bedroom, standing back to admire it, and leaving it at that. However, if you really want the bedroom to be as inspiring as possible; focus on the lighting. You could

  • Make some cloud lights, which can look stunning in any kids bedroom setting,
  • Combine lights with hanging planets for a wonderful space themed bedroom,
  • Create landscapes of glitter in a picture frame to place or hang on the walls,
  • Get creative with fairy lights, from adding them to Mason Jars, to getting creative with fairy lights or festival lights in the bedroom. There are so many fantastic choices from kids bedrooms; from flamingos to cactus, and finally
  • Find lamps and standing lights that add to your theme. There is pretty much a lamp for everything; from rainbows to railways!

We've got some great kids bedroom ideas for you to get kids imaginations run wild in your house! #kidsbedrooms #lights #fairylights #kids #bedrooms

There are so many ways to light up your child’s eyes as they enter their new bedrooms. And the little touches make all the difference too. What about the odd small accessory too, such as a fairy door? I WISH I had had one of those when I was younger, I know it would have been perfect for my fantastical imagination, and am pretty sure that my dolls and LEGO men would have been visiting fairy land pretty much every. single. day. 😀 If you are clever, you might even be able to make your very own fairy door.

If that doesn’t open the door to your child’s imagination, then I am not sure what will.

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