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How to personalise your kids bedroom with kids wall art

Kids wall art is a really lovely way to personalise your child’s bedroom, but there is more to it than just finding a couple of posters that they like and sticking them on the wall. We’ve got a few ideas of how to make the walls in your child’s bedroom much more than just walls by using some of these ideas to make your kids bedroom that little bit special with a spot of wall art that is specifically personalised for them…

Kids Wall Art

Go paint not print for your kids wall art

You may not have spotted this in your wall art travels (!), but it is actually possible now, thanks to ever increasing digital capabilities, to create a painting effect picture from a digital photo.

This can be a stunning way to decorate the walls in your child’s bedroom, particularly if there is a photograph that just sums them up. For example, how about them covered in chocolate as a kid, or a lovely shot of them with their family? Choose whichever photo they want, or you feel captures their personality or a special moment in their life, and get it digitised.

Create a hero wall

As your kids get older, they develop their own sense of self, and of what THEY personally find inspiring in others. This provides an excellent opportunity to tailor the walls within their bedroom to reflect that developing sense of awe and hero worship. Who inspires your children? Why do they inspire them?

A lovely idea is to chat to your kids about the heroes in their life, and to create a collection of posters, or images, perhaps with a striking them, such as pop art, and add these to the walls within their bedroom. This will become their Hero Wall….

Within our house – there could very well be a superhero theme for this kids wall art. There are plenty of other options; from sporting greats, to amazing authors, or inspiring scientists. All would be great additions to any children’s walls, and could easily become a focal point for the room too.

Motivate YOUR child

Our final suggestion for personalise your child’s bedroom with wall art is to choose just a couple of motivational phrases that really speak to them. Either, they are focused on some of the things that they might find difficult, and that give them a little encouragements. For example:

  • If they struggle with their confidence? Put a post up that says You can do it
  • If they are gymnastics made, fine a phrase from one of their gymnastic heroes and put that up,
  • Just looking for general encouragement, how about a Dream Big mantra?
  • Or make them feel special with a phrase that tells them how amazing they are, or how much you love them: You are a Superhero.

Whatever it is that you think will motivate and inspire your child – add it to their kids wall art, so they can keep looking at it and know you are always in their corner; cheering them on.

We hope you like these ideas for personalising a kids’ bedroom with wall art. We do have a few other articles on the site relating to interior design and home decor, why not take a look at them too?

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