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Get squishing: Free summer play dough mats to download now

Summer is the perfect time of year for play and creativity! Spare some arts and crafts supplies, and get your kids crafting this summer with our free printable set of summer play dough mats. These are perfect for parents, educators, schools, nurseries and daycare centres too. This fun mat activity encourages creative thinking while keeping little hands busy all summer long! With entertaining illustrated ideas to explore with play dough on every page, these colourful printables are sure to keep kids entertained while they learn, develop fine motor skills and most importantly – have load of summer fun!

This image shows a variety of summer-themed play dough mats that children can make with a helping hand from Kiddy Charts.

How to use your summer play dough mats

These really are the simplest things to get started with – we promise

The website KiddyCharts is offering printable play dough mats for the summer of 2023.

As always, we have a cover sheet within the workbook to get you in the mood. You can then get ready to have some summer fun with the other 5 adorable play dough mats included within the set!

We promise that your kids will love using their imaginations to create fun and colourful things with their play dough. We have everything from crabs, to waves, and ice cream that they can make with their favourite play dough. These mats are perfect for little hands and will encourage creativity and sensory play.

Getting started in simple:

  • Print out the play dough mats, by clicking on the button on image lower down in this article,
  • Laminate the mats then for durability, and finally
  • Let your little ones get creative and add their own unique touch to each image. They can follow using the right colours or just freestyle!

With these play dough mats, your child will have endless hours of summer fun and you’ll love seeing their imaginations soar. Not to mention what they come up with too.

We have even got a play dough mat for their own summer creations as well.

If this isn’t enough for them – do check out the other playdough mat ideas we have on site as well. If you need a playdough recipe, we’ve got that too.

What do the summer play dough mats look like

Our first two mats have loads of fun, and summery ideas for you to encourage the kids to make. From a shell, to a paid of simple, or funky, sunglasses; they decide! Each design has different colours, making them perfect for any occasion in summer and beyond. Plus, there are also plenty of designs and ideas to choose from. So what will it be? The sun, a beach ball, or maybe something completely different? Let your kids’ creativity flow as you turn a plain mat into something special.

The next set of mats includes the blank ones for your kids to really get creative. Once they have made their shark, or lemonade out of play dough, they can have a go at making anything they want that is related to summer.

Have fun with them all, we know that we would if we were four all over again! 🤗😀☀️🌊⛱️👨‍.

If you want to download these for free, just click on the button or the image below, and they are yours:

A child is creating a sand bucket out of a watermelon with the help of a shell and sunglasses for decoration.

We do hope you like these fabulous activities for the kids, why not check out some of the other ideas we have for summer on the site?

Summer printables on KiddyCharts

Here are some more summer ideas for you to check out on the KiddyCharts site, from beaches to bucket lists!

Or others off site as well:

Summer activity ideas from the Internet

Ideas for summer fun from my fellow parenting site owners - check these out as well as doing all the fun themed ideas above as well.

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Thanks so much for popping over, and we hope that we will see you again on the site soon too.

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