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Things you need to keep on top of as a family to have a healthy dog

As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to keep them in good health. We have been looking long and hard here about whether we are able to look after a dog. Adding to the million and one other things that we need to do for our family!

A good diet, regular exercise, regular grooming, and routine check-ups with the veterinarian will, of course, help keep a family dog healthy. We’ve been thinking about how a dog would fit into our life, and so are empathising and researching away.

We thought we would share what we have learnt with our readers – just in case they are thinking of getting a dog, or they already have one and need a few reminders. 😂

Clearly, it’s also essential that you get to know your own dog’s habits, what they eat, drink, how often they sleep and so on. A variation on any other these habits could be an early indication that something could be a miss. 

Speak to your veterinarian about advice on healthcare and prevention and always seek medical advice if you’re ever concerned that your dog may be ill or injured. 

Let’s have a look at some of the ways we have found that you can keep your dog healthy – it is so important to understand pet health before you get one. 


Dog wrapped in blanket

When a dog is healthy their skin is smooth and flexible, with no scabs, growths, red areas or white flakes. It can range in colour from a pale pink to black and brown all dependent on the breed. Having spotted skin is completely usual; it’s normally based around whether they have a spotted or solid coat of fur.

You should make regular checks for fleas, lice, tick and or parasites as these can quickly make your dog ill. If you see signs of dirt bits in their fur you may find that they have one of these.

Deflea-ing is an essential part of caring for your dog; so make sure you keep on top of it and are aware of the needs before you get a little four legged friend. 


Here is what we have learned about how to have a healthy dog!

Whether they have a short or long coat a healthy coat will still be clear of dandruff and is glossy and pliable. There should be no signs of excessive oils or bald spots. If you see any changes to their coat it’s best to see a veterinarian.

As with all animals, the coat is an important indicator of overall health – so watch it, and groom your dog. Some dogs love a bath, but others a little more reluctant. It is recommended to bath a dog at least once every three months

If you don’t like doing it, or the idea, then perhaps a dog salon is something for you to consider!


Here is what we have learned about how to have a healthy dog!

On a healthy dog, you can expect to see bright and shiny eyes. Having slightly watery or mucusy eyes can be normal but it should be minimal and clear. Make sure there are no inflammations to the pink lining of their eyelids and that there is no yellow discharge or yellow discharge, this could be a sign of infection. 


Here is what we have learned about how to have a healthy dog!

The skin inside your dog’s ears should always be light pink and clean. You will find some but minimal brownish, yellow wax but no large crusts or excessive wax build-up.

If you see these signs you should seek medical help. If you find that your dog scratches or shakes their head frequently then you should address this as it’s not normal. You will find that dogs with longer ears need more care and attention.

Floppy ears make look very cute, but they can be high maintenance for the family 😂


Here is what we have learned about how to have a healthy dog!

Your dog’s nose should always be cold and moist if it’s not then a trip to the vets may be needed. It can range in colours such as black, pink and a colour that matches their coat. Any discharge should be clear, not yellow, thick, bubbly, or bad-smelling.

Having variations in the wetness and temperature of your dog’s nose doesn’t always give a good indication of their health, you should always go off of temperature instead if you’re concerned. 

Taking your dogs temperature isn’t easy of course – but brave it, and it can allay your fears.

Mouth, Teeth and Gums

A healthy dog will have gums that are pink, black or spotted and firm. It’s just like the dog’s skin, you can see variations depending on breed. You will find that young dogs have smooth white teeth and they gradually darken with age. Make sure the gums are kept healthy by offering things such as Healthy chews and that their breath is not foul-smelling. 

These are just a few of the things that you need to watch for when keeping your dog healthy.

Do you have any other things you need to monitor that you could share in the comments section?

We have covered having pets before on the site – as we do love an animal. We are actually thinking of getting rabbits too; well our eldest is anyway. What’s your favourite family pet?

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See you on here again soon – hopefully.

Here is what we have learned about how to have a healthy dog!

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Lyanna Soria

Tuesday 7th of January 2020

Those are some great tips to keep in mind. As a dog owner, you definitely need to know this stuff.


Sunday 22nd of December 2019

Thanks for the quick update and wonderful tips.

These are really needed if we have a pet at home.


Friday 20th of December 2019

I agree to all these, pet dogs should be maintained and groomed like us humans, they have similar needs.

jay mih

Friday 20th of December 2019

These are great tips. Will keep these in mind when i adopt a dog.


Friday 20th of December 2019

Wow, I didn't how important is it to keep certain areas of the dog very clean and healthy. I then my best friend too, so I am going to send this article to her.

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