When you kids ask for pets - do you quake in fear? Or do you step back and woonder whether it might be a good thing? If you can afford it, then think about it - pets can be a great addition to your family, and teach the kids some great lessons.
Behaviour training tips for parents

Pets for kids: Why giving in to your kids wishes isn’t all bad

It’s a moment we will probably all experience as parents, the day when our children suddenly decide they want a puppy, a cat, a gerbil, a goldfish, or perhaps, if we are lucky, a low maintenance stick insect ;-). I have heard of some more exotic requests, you know, like a lion cub. It is […]

by Helen • June 10, 2015
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Online Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar #6: #Win £75 voucher to spend with Swell pet supplies

  It is Day six of the advent calendar, and we are now going to help you give that little something special for Christmas – your pets! We have a £75 voucher to giveaway for ANY of the three websites in the Swell family, so you can treat your reptiles, fish, cats or dogs! Anything […]

by Helen • December 6, 2013
Fear of dogs in kids: 7 Tips to help
Behaviour training tips for parents

Fear of dogs: My child is frightened of animals – 7 tips to help

If a child doesn’t have too much exposure to animals – it can mean that they get frightened of them early on in their lives. The fear of dogs, and even cats isn’t that uncommon. They may even have had a bad experience when they were younger and its meant that they are really worried […]

by Helen • June 5, 2013
Coping with pet bereavement - some advice to help out
Behaviour training tips for parents

Helping younger children deal with pet bereavement

Anyone who has a pet will one day have to deal with pet bereavement… “Mommy, isn’t she the cutest little thing” My daughter squeals with delight as she peers into the glass tank filled with small furry balls of fun. “I love them; may I have one, please?” Every parent knows the time will come […]

by Helen • September 28, 2012