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World cities to color in to give you a round the world trip!

KiddyCharts is all about education, kids, and travel – so what better way to share some of the best cities of the world that with some world cities to color, inspire and educate all at the same time. We have FOURTEEN different coloring pages to share with you today. You can color in some of the most iconic emblems from those cities, alongside writing down what inspires you about these locations. Maybe a quick Google, or Expedia trip, to help improve your knowledge of the locations? Pop along to Expedia to find out more about each city too.

1. Berlin (Germany)

Berlin World Cities Coloring poster

In my twenties, we went to Berlin to visit the museum near the old wall; it really is a truly humbling place. The Brandenberg gate is a sight to behold and both inspires and makes you reflect on the difficult times that Europe has lived through.

2. Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Buenos Aires World Cities Coloring poster

For the musical and sports fan like myself, Evita and football are the two things that come to mind when one thinks of Argentina. But its capital city is so much more; from the colors, and the chaos, to the beautiful Plaza de las Naciones Unidas, it is well worth a moment taken to stop and take it all in.

3. Cape Town (South Africa)

Cape Town World Cities Coloring poster

South Africa has had a bit of a chequered past, but having visited the country myself, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Cape Table epitomises the country of contrasts from the sprawling city, to the majestic Table Mountain overlooking its streets.

4. Dubai (UAE)

Dubai World Cities Coloring poster

Dubai is know for the sail-like form of the Burj Al Arab, and this makes it one of the most recognisable cityscapes in the world. It is also one of the places that we would love to visit sometime; but it’s opulence means we might have to save a little harder before we can afford to stay there!

5. Havana (Cuba)

Havana World Cities Coloring poster

Fidel Castra is one of the most famous revolutionary’s in the world, and his tank and yacht (!) can be seen in the Museum of Revolution in the Cuban capital. But there is so much more to Havana; and it truly stands out amongst the World cities.

6. London (England)

London World Cities Coloring poster

We have written a lot about the attractions in London; it is, quite simply, the city closest to my heart, and to my house! From the London Eye, to Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, and the museum, there is so much to do here.

7. Los Angeles (United States)

Los Angeles World Cities Coloring poster

The city of angels is where the rich and famous hang out, and you can see who has visited its streets on Wall of Fame; and don’t forget to pay a visit to that Hollywood sign too.

8. Paris (France)

Paris World Cities Coloring poster

Paris is the city of love, and culture too; with the Louvre and its famous Mona Lisa painting, and the beautiful banks of the Seine perfect for lovers holding hands. The patisseries lining its streets shouldn’t be ignored either; so stop for a moment for a macaron, or a pain au chocolat while you are there. If you are thinking of travelling to France, do check out Big Family Little Adventures post on travelling on the Eurostar, and our French colouring pages as well.

9. Serengeti (Tanzania)

Serengeti World Cities Coloring poster

If you are looking for the Big 5, then you have come to JUST the right place. Tanzanian national park has some of them for you, and more; Lions, Elephants, Cheetahs, and Leopards galore. The Serengeti is most famous though, for its wildebeest migration; with 1.7m of these amazing beasts crossing the Mara River in Seronera.

10. Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Siem Reap World Cities Coloring poster

Experience the ancient civilisation and ruins within the temple; Angkor Wat. This is over 8000 years old, and is a testament to the architectural skills of the Khmer.

11. Sydney (Australia)

Sydney World Cities Coloring poster

One of Australia’s most iconic and beautiful cities. There is an awful lot for you to do here; from the bridge to the opera house, which are the iconic images for this city, to the parks, and the city centre, the zoo and the botanic gardens. We were there for two weeks and STILL didn’t manage to get everything done!

12. Toronto (Canada)

Toronto World Cities Coloring poster

Toronto is the heart of Canadian City life; from the CN Tower to its Kensington market. But don’t forget to stop for a moment to take it all in at the Humber Bay Park.

13. Varanasi (India)

Varanasi World Cities Coloring poster

India is full of culture, and chaos, and this city is no different. Watch the Ganga Aarti, a ceremony where pilgrims and priests offer fire to Shiva and the Ganges. Or visit Dashashwamedh Ghat, which is used by pilgrims bathing in the River Ganges; India’s sacred water.

14. Venice (Italy)

Venice World Cities Coloring poster

Venice is, of course, known for its canals, but don’t stop there. Visit the Campanile tower to look out over the city and the Santa Maria della Salute church to the lagoon. After that, why not take in Doge’s Palace to really soak up Venice’s renaissance past.

Every single one of these world cities is beautiful, and has a story to tell through its art, culture, and tourist attractions. What stories can you tell with the coloring that we have given you. Just Click on the image below to download all the sheets!

World Cities coloring pages for the kids to explore, and learn about some of the most cities around!

We hope you like this resource, let us know how you use it, and do sign up to our newsletter too for more resources, giveaways, and fun for the kids!

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This is NOT a sponsored post – I just loved the posters, and wanted to offer them to you all as coloring sheets!

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