Hey Duggee Stick Song activity sheets

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Hey Duggee is our loveable friend from the Hey Duggee series on CBeebies, and is embarking on a DvD outing with Hey Duggee The Stick Badge & Other Stories. And we’ve got two activity sheets from the special edition of the Hey Duggee magazine Special Stick Badge Issue’ which is on sale from 21st March until 1st May. So hurry up and get yours as soon as you can!

Hey Duggee and th Squirrels aheva bit of a campfire when Roly manages to find a stick insect instead of a real stick. The little fella starts saying “stick”, and the music kicks in. Before you know it, everything has gone “rave”, and kids and parents seem to love it. You can’t really argue with the 5 million times that it has been viewed on YouTube and the other social channels for the show, can you? It was first shown in December 2017, and has been going strong ever since.

Our first printable is the stick dance itself – showing you what you and your family need to do to get down and get raving with Hey Duggee!

There are a few moves for you to get your head around, but it’s not too complicated really; so you should be dancing with the kids before you can say; well “Sticky, Sticky, Stick, Stick!”

If that isn’t enough sticky fun for you, then we have a Stick colouring sheet for you from the magazine too; so you can get into the spirit of the rave, and colour in as bright and bold as you would like!

We’ve got so many great activity resources here on the site, why not check these out too before you start your stick dancing with the kids?

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  • For those of you have really love those Stick characters, we even got a few Printable Stick Man activities as well! We do have a couple of Juiia Donaldson resources actually, including Printable What the Ladybird Heard activities and Printable Room on the Broom activities.

If that all doesn’t keep you busy, then I have NO IDEA what will.

We hope you enjoy those activities from Hey Duggee and the Hey Duggee ‘Special Stick Badge Issue’ magazine, which is out now for you all to check out.

Check out the fabuloous Hey Duggee activity sheets we have from their Hey Duggee ‘Special Stick Badge Issue’ magazine which is out now. Learn the stick dance with ur kids! #kids #toddlers #dancing

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Thanks so much for reading, and see you next time.



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