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Parenting Tales from the Sofa #1: Fussy Eaters

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Fussy eaters: Parenting tales from the sofa

Does your child need help broadening their food intake? Watch the video below!

Last week, we have some real mums chatting about fussy eating in our first Parenting Whine and Sympathy hangout.

For this week’s hangout, we have Beckie Whitehouse from Beconfident Coaching joining us on the sofa to offer some advice to those mums. We discuss the question raised in last week’s hangout, and add a few more top tips for those who have fussy eaters.

So why not join us for some coffee on the sofa this morning! I promise I wiped it down first ;-)

We discuss:

  • Lunchboxes
  • Kids who don’t like sandwiches
  • Helping kids to explore textured food
  • Tips to help your kids get over their fussy eating generally.
Parenting Tales from the Sofa #1: Fussy Eaters

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