Parenting Whine & Sympathy Hangout #1: Fussy Eating #parentingwhine

Parenting Whine and Sympathy Hangout: Tips for Fussy Eating

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Parenting Whine and Sympathy Hangout: Tips for Fussy EatingWe love Google Plus here at KiddyCharts; both Helen Neale and the company are all over it like a rash…not least because it lets me hangout with some rather lovely ladies, and call it work!

Today we are launching our new series of hangouts Parenting Whine & Sympathy (#parentingwhine). We are just going to chat to other mums and dads about the things that drive our kids mad, so we won’t then need to reach for a glass of red later in the day….

Who has a fussy toddler? I know we all experience struggles with food, so the first hangout covered Fussy Eating with:

It was a lively and helpful discussion, including ideas on helping with that fussy toddler:

  • Interesting food for lunchboxes
  • Encouraging your child to eat bread and sandwiches, and
  • Trying to get your child to eat meat, and other “oddly” textured food.

So why not listen in to our chat, I am sure you will pick up a parenting tip or two for your fussy eaters!

Next week, we will have Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching see if she can help a little more with some of these problems as well, so stay tuned.

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  • Well worded. My thanks for taking the time. I will check to your site to see what’s new and recommend my coworkers about your website.

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