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Keep calm: And perhaps the kids will too?

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Keep calm when the baking goes wrong...

Keep calm when the baking goes wrong…

I AM CALM. Keep calm when things go wrong; then perhaps the kids will do the same…its OK, in theory…

I faced a new challenge today…the baking of mini Christmas cakes!  For the school fair.  Something I really have never done before. I’m not very keen on the cake myself, so don’t tend to make it.

So the morning progressed; tins lined, fruit soaked overnight in brandy all going well until the attachment in my mixer came off and wouldn’t go back in.

Why oh why did this happen while the kids were at school…I was the picture of calm as  I transferred the almost completed mixture into a different bowl where I could use my hand held mixer. There was no panic, no bad language just making the best of it.  It was a shining example of coping well and and they missed it!

The only thing I forgot in this drama was the treacle,  in my haste to ensure all was mixed well I forgot to add it. But no matter my cakes are just a little light in colour that’s all. Even though I bought the treacle as 7.15am this morning especially I have remained unfazed.

Perhaps this truly is the beginning of a more chilled out, keep calm kind of gal?

Time will tell.

The first test  will be in the morning as I try and finish putting together 3 pack lunches, walk the dog and get everyone in school early for orchestra.

And the next will be coping with the next culinary disaster, which do happen from time to time, the last one being when we had friends coming around for supper and the dish I had cooked earlier in the week wasn’t defrosted.  We had to pop out to the nearest supermarket for our back up plan!! And If I am honest I did not keep calm and chilled out …but maybe next time I will be and when I am I must make sure the children are around to witness it.

This is our regular Tuesday Tips for Parenting guest post by Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching.

Photos courtesy of Microsoft Clipart.

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