Parenting tales from the sofa: dealing with change and new starts

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Welcome to another parenting tales from the sofa, together again with Beckie Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching.  This week we are talking about new starts and change and offer some recommendations on how you can help your child to manage any change that may affect them.

Any change can affect your child from starting a new school, moving house,  joining a new class when changing year group or even a new baby coming into the family.  Listening to their feelings and being there to answer their questions is all a part of helping them.

During our discussion we cover the following topics:

  • how we can prepare our kids in the lead up to the impending change
  • how you can help your child understand the change
  • recommendations on teaching your child that change can be a good thing

Has your child had to cope with any changes recently?  How did you help them?


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