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Parenting tales from the sofa: Child anxiety

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child anxiety


We recently met up with Beckie Whitehouse, life coach from Be Confident Coaching, to discuss child anxiety and how we can help them deal with their worries.  Many things can spur worries in your child including starting a new school, a new baby or moving house.  Life events such as these can have an effect on our children without us realising.

We have added this video to help parents who may be in this position and would like some advice and guidance on how to help with child anxiety.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Why do children worry?
  • What do we do when we have a worrying child?
  • Worries at bedtime
  • Techniques to help your child deal with their worries
  • Seeking help if needed

Do take a look at some of our other videos; you may also find these helpful for other childhood behaviours.

Parenting Tales from the Sofa: Anxious Children


Do you have any tips for parents of a worried child? Have you experienced child anxiety? Do let us know by posting a comment on this post below.


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