Parenting Snapshots: technology for preschoolers

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technology for preschoolers


Technology for preschoolers is becoming more prevalent and with the fast advancement of tablets and mobile phones, they are now in everyday use.  Today, in our latest parenting snapshot, I am joined by Kate Barlow of The Parent Consultancy to discuss technology and the use of it by preschoolers.

My own children have daily use of the iPad but, how much is too much?  Should we set limits on their use?  Are they really a good educational tool or do we just use them for convenience so we can grab a quick 5 minutes to get the washing out or cook a meal.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Is using technology damaging?
  • How do we decide what is too much for our preschoolers?
  • What is appropriate at ‘wind down’ time, such as bedtime?
  • Is early morning use appropriate for an extra half hour in bed?


What are your thoughts?  When is too much? Have you used the iPad for their extra few minutes of calm before you start the day?  Maybe you don’t agree.  Should preschoolers even have access to techology.  As ever, please share your thoughts with us in the comments box below.

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