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Nick Jr WebTV: How important are routines for children?

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Nick Jr - Bedtime Stories; Why Bother?I am sure you already know how important we think routines for children are on KiddyCharts – we bang on about it enough, and our personalised reward charts and track charts are focused on helping kids develop routines with your guidance, in particular around bedtime routine.

The debate on whether a routine is helpful is as old as time itself. My daughter in particular is not fond of change, and so we have built a routine into her days, both in the morning before school, and in the evening before bed, so that even if something different happens at other times of day, she know that there is always something solid, and consistent to fall back on each, and every day.

Consistency and routine is important for her.

However, for my boy, this is much less the case. He is a more relaxed and chilled out child. He has been since he was born, perhaps a product of being the second child, and having to fit in, he has always found it easier to adapt.

Nick Jr, are chatting to Jacqueline Harding, a leading child development expert, and parent of two, blogger Jess McGlynn from Catch a Single Thought about the importance of routines, and KiddyCharts are lucky enough to be hosting it LIVE on the blog here, on Monday the 8th July at 12pm

So why not join us, or even submit your questions on the topic, and you might get a mention on the show.

Happy watching!


Do you use routines with your kids? When do you use them? Or if you don’t why not?

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