Little star reviews…a Love Cravendale swimming Experience

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We had the pleasure of going swimming with the kids over the weekend in a  Lovecravendale  experience. This campaign allows families to experience a number of different activities together, anything from Scuba Diving to Tennis. All people need to do is pop on over to the website and sign up to join in the fun.

Collect the hearts on your bottles of milk, more hearts mean more experiences for you and the family. For more information check out the “How Things Work Around Here” section on the Lovecravendale home page.

We wanted to try something that we knew the kids would enjoy, but was also that little bit different, at first glance swimming is anything but different, BUT the centre where we went to have our Cravendale Experience was able to offer us a funtime swimming session.

This was a little unusual for our two who are used to swimming three times a week; school, diving lessons, and a private lesson.

My kids are fish…!

Cravendale offered a pool local to us, so within ten minutes of leaving, and after some anticipation…

Love cravendale: Anticipation

We were there, and getting changed. Not long after, we were in the pool having fun…

Love Cravendale: Arriving

Or causing trouble for our parents…

Love Cravendale: Trouble

There was plenty to do, as the pool was full of floats and balls to enable to kids to explore their watery environment. The lifeguards were also on hand to insure that the equipment was used safely..particularly important where Stuntboy is concerned…

There was a lot of smiling..

Love Cravendale: Smiling

And a fair amount of hanging on for dear life…

ove Cravendale: Clinging on

But we will be back for more of the same; a great change from the usual. We wouldn’t hesitate to take the kids there again. Now for the next blogger whom I have the pleasure of passing the Love Cravendale baton on to …over to you.

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