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Tesco Finest: It’s all in the passion

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A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to Tesco Finest’s relaunch, “Love Every Mouthful”…Yum

Tesco Finest: Spread


As you can see there was a lot to be excited about. The company now has approximately 1,400 products within the range worth over £1.4Bn pounds. Enough to make your head spin…

The new range is all about:

“Passion, Care and Expertise.”

But what does this actually mean for the consumer?

From what I saw, Tesco are striving to bring to you unusual products, that perhaps you wouldn’t normally be exposed to, but from suppliers that have a real connection to what they do. Something that is commendable in a large organisation; they are looking to smaller producers in particular to give them access to products that have just that little bit more for the customer.

For example, their smoked haddock has a very interesting back story, as demonstrated by this video….

Clearly, the company are trying to build relationships with family suppliers that are passionate about their products wherever they can. The products are presented impeccable as always with Tesco Finest…but the company were keen to emphasise that the range is not just about convenience and presentation but also about:

  • Passion
  • Expertise
  • Recipes, and
  • Freshness, both for the food and in its ideas.

The range of goods even includes Bento boxes now, with less than 500 calories, so you can be passionate while watching your waistline!

It was the Chocs that caught my eye though *not surprisingly.* They have a new single origin cocoa chocolate range which is chosen from around the world; and even have accompanying taste cards, so you really get the feeling that you are sampling a little bit of luxury – much as you do with a good glass of wine.

Tesco Finest: Chocs

Watch out on the blog, and our giveaways, because we may just have a wee treat for you on the choccy front soon too!

Have you tried any of the new Tesco Finest range – what did you think?

I was invited to a press event covering the launch of the range; which included lunch. All opinions are my own – and hands of the chocs! 

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