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75+ pumpkin carving templates that the kids can do

You might have noticed that we LOVE Halloween on KiddyCharts, and as a result – we have a lot of Halloween resources to choose from on the site. BUT there was, until recently, a bit of a glaring error. We didn’t have pumpkin carving templates for kids. Now we do though – and we wanted to make sure you have a few to choose from aside from the ones that we have produced. So here are more than SEVENTY-FIVE pumpkin carvings that the kids can have a bash at. Simple, not too scary and fun – what more do you need?

  1. Naturally, we are starting with our own pumpkin carving templates for kids – original and by us – go and download these now!
  2. Crafty Mama in Me has FREE Emoji movie pumpkin carving templates,

    Here are more than SEVENTY-FIVE pumpkin carvings that the kids can have a bash at. Simple, not too scary and fun - what more do you need? #Halloween #PumpkinCarving #HalloweenDIY
  3. Costume Super Center is a great resource for Paw Patrol pumpkin stencils,
  4. Woo Jr! Kids Activities has Monster High pumpkin carving patterns to amuse the kids,
  5. Looking for some simple and creative pumpkin carving patterns children can create? Visit Trip Savvy,
  6. If kids are fans of Angry Birds, you will need to visit the Angry bird nest to get Angry Birds pumpkin carving templates,
  7. Star Wars has legendary and evergreen characters that people from a wide range of ages love. You can get DIY Star Wars pumpkin stencils for free from the official Star Wars site,
  8. Don’t miss some free pumpkin carving templates from Scary Products that will make kids excited,
  9. Stoney Kins has over 100 free patterns kids can choose to create with their pumpkins,
  10. We found this DIY Cinderella carriage pumpkin carving from This Lil Piglet. It is wonderfully simple and fun for kids to start with,
  11. Emojis are fun and simple to create on your pumpkins. Be Spoken Bride provides the instructions for DIY pumpkin emojis ready for Halloween,
  12. Don’t miss these great Pumpkin carving stencils from The Best Ideas for Kids,
  13. This Monster Inc pumpkin carving idea from The Best Ideas for Kids is quite simple and cute for kids to do,
  14. Simple Mom Project provides 15+ creative and unique pumpkin carving stencil ideas you can do with kids to have some fun,
  15. Halloween is the time for scary themes. If you are looking for free scary pumpkin templates, then do check out The Spruce,
  16. Who doesn’t like Disney characters? WooJr Kids Activities has some stunning Disney pumpkin carving patterns,
  17. If you and kids love dogs, you will need to visit Better Homes & Gardens to get free pumpkin carving stencils of some of all our favorite dog breeds,
  18. Don’t forget the famous Martha Stewart – she provides night owl carved pumpkin templates you can enjoy,
  19. Most people like Spiderman; so you need to check out the Amazing Spiderman Halloween pumpkin carving stencil from Celebrating Halloween,
  20. Get a free stunning jack-o’-lantern printable from sunset to carve with kids around the Halloween celebration,
  21. Pumpkin Pile has hundreds of pumpkin carving templates you can download for free. Choose one suitable for kids,
  22. DLTK Holidays has great collections of links to over 50 patterns in a variety of designs you need to check out,
  23. The beginner Halloween Pumpkin-Carving Templates from HGTV will be suitable for kids who have just started pumpkin carving,
  24. Dotcomwomen has free pumpkin carving patterns – Stencils for scary, not so scary, creative, and cartoon pumpkins to give you plenty of inspiration,
  25. The Pumpkin Lady has FREE pumpkin carving patterns and stencils you can choose based on your kids’ level of expertise,
  26. The Funny Beaver has a wonderful collection of 27 great pumpkin carving ideas you and your kids would be able to handle,
  27. Are you Looking for funny pumpkin carving ideas? You might visit Women Day to get some inspirations in the 60 slides they provide. There should be some in here suitable for your kids – check them out,
  28. Owl is a symbol of wisdom and mystery; check out what Kirtsy provided for us for our pumpkins on the owl theme,
  29. Glaminati has 24 amazing pumpkin carving ideas you should try this Halloween,
  30. Check out 30+ creative & easy pumpkin carving ideas make your happy Halloween by Inspiraspace,
  31. Here are 10+ ridiculously silly pumpkin carving & decorating ideas from Demographic Winter,
  32. Thinking about what you need to use to hold the candies? The Paper Mama has a Venus Fly Trap pumpkin candy holder to inspire you,
  33. If you like pumpkin carving, you will love the 40 creative Halloween pumpkin carving ideas collected by Chic Hostess,
  34. Most of the carved pumpkins are orange, but My Pinterventures collected 16 black Halloween pumpkin ideas you might like to create,
  35. Are you Minion lovers? Then you will need to look up this simple minion pumpkin tutorial created by Crafty Berry Bush,
  36. Black and white Halloween pumpkin carvings for The Great Pumpkin Challenge look very scary and mysterious. Check out the tutorial provided by Decoart,
  37. How do you display your carved pumpkins? Here are 30+ Pumpkin Halloween Decor Ideas for the thriller night from Hike N Dip,
  38. Here is also a fabulous collection of 35 spooky Jack-O-Lanterns you can carve with your kids from All women Stalk you can work on,
  39. The Vampire is a famous character for Halloween. Create fanged Vampire and winged bat pumpkins from Martha Stewart,
  40. Meanwhile, Homewow decor has 37 beautiful pumpkin carving ideas you can do by yourself, so some are definitely suitable for the kids,
  41. Don’t forget to check out the fabulous ideas for pumpkin carving and patterns for Halloween from Easyday,
  42. Farm Food Family has 51+ creative pumpkin carving ideas you should try this Halloween. Show off your creativity and have fun with your family,
  43. You’ll go out of your gourd over these incredible Jack-o’-Lanterns from Red Tricycle,
  44. 13 UNBELIEVABLE pumpkin carvings that prove we are not worthy from Buzzfeed will make your pumpkin carving more exciting,
  45. Here are a selection of slightly harder pumpkin carving ideas you might want to check out from the old House,
  46. Halloween is associated with scary things – of course. It is also an event ahead before Christmas, so let’s check out a the Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkin carvings from Ruerea,
  47. Here are some scarier pumpkin carving theme collected by Designbolts,
  48. These 40 classy Halloween pumpkin carving Ideas from Clodi Home are very cute to have a go. Why don’t you check it out?
  49. Bellisima Kids has some funny and beautiful Jack-O-Lanterns and Halloween centerpieces that make me laugh,
  50. There are also 49 Cozy Pumpkin Carving Ideas collected by Houzwee here too,
  51. Cuded has 50+ creative pumpkin carving ideas that will delight you as well,
  52. Do you want to see more scary faces? You can get more in the 2015 Pumpkin carving contest winners from This Old House again,
  53. Just pop by Hair Straightener Beauty to get more inspiration from these 17 horrific pumpkin carving ideas. These ones might be a little bit scarier for the kids!
  54. Twin Cities View has get in the Halloween spirit with these pumpkin ideas,
  55. 39 chic scary pumpkin carving ideas for Halloween this year from OMG Homedecor are worth trying with your family,
  56. Take a look at creative Halloween pumpkin carvings and decorating ideas from Livingly to get more inspiration for pumpkin carving ideas,
  57. We love the pumpkin diorama and calligraphy in these 30 unique and creative pumpkin carving ideas to try This Halloween from Tipsted,
  58. This Halloween pumpkin cat template is incredible cute and helpful for a party decoration perhaps?
  59. Most carved pumpkins for Halloween are scary, but this alarm clock Halloween pumpkin from Built By Kids is definitely not. It is SUPER cute,
  60. A beautiful butterfly for pumpkin carvings? Why not? Deviant Art has a great picture of one for you,
  61. Do you like Batman? Giving carved pumpkin masked decoration like batman is always a hit with the kids. Meet the masked pumpkin at Grandin Road,
  62. In 2018, Romper collected 11 creative pumpkin carving ideas For Halloween that are *not* your classic Jack-O’-Lantern. Timeless, so check them out this year too,
  63. We love this Cheshire Cat pumpkin carving template from Disney Family. Pretty sure the kids will do too,
  64. From these 33 Halloween pumpkin carving ideas collected by Southern Living, you are bound to get a great one for the kids to do,
  65. Here are some more from Buzzfeed in a fandom style. They could be too hard for kids, but you could look through for one at their level. We love the Mocking Jay one,
  66. Get 49 free templates for the coolest Jack-o’-Lantern on the block – these are really cute and funny for kids from PopSugar,
  67. Reader’s Digest also has 31 free pumpkin carving stencils to take your Jack-o’-Lantern to the next level. Some could work well with the kids too – if it isn’t their first year carving!
  68. You should agree with me that these 23 pumpkin carving ideas for kids from Spruce Craft are cute and simple,
  69. If you love Frozen, then you will love these Free FROZEN pumpkin carving Halloween templates ~ FREE stencil printables (Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff) from 4 the Love of Family,
  70. Kitchen Counter Chronicles has a wonderful fairy house Jack-O-Lantern that will fit kids perfectly – we LOVE it,
  71. Love Nemo? Here is Finding Dory pumpkin stencils from Thrifty Jinxy
  72. Parenting from the heart has simple pumpkin carving stencils that kids will love,
  73. This single pumpkin carving idea from How to craft is simple and should fit to your children,
  74. Check out these 45+ smashing last minute pumpkin carving ideas from You and Kids site to get great pumpkin carving ideas,
  75. These 110+ Pumpkin carving ideas to decorate your home for Halloween season from Detect View are scary, but there are some of them which are cute enough for the kids too, and
  76. Baby Savers has 13 HAMILTON pumpkin carving patterns and printable stencils which are suitable for children too.

Perfect – and hopefully there is more than enough for you in there to be getting along with. Don’t forget to share this on Facebook, Pinterest and anywhere else. Pin it for later too if you don’t need it now.

Here are more than SEVENTY-FIVE pumpkin carvings that the kids can have a bash at. Simple, not too scary and fun - what more do you need? #Halloween #PumpkinCarving #HalloweenDIY

If you enjoy these pumpkin carvings and want a little more Halloween fun, why not try our Halloween Bingo, some of the Halloween Props we have for a party, and the special Halloween Trick or Treat bags we have too? We have even got lollipop covers for Halloween to make perfect treats!

Come subscribe to us as well – we’ve got so many great printables for kids, you really don’t want to be missing out.

Lovely to have you again, and do pop in later for a spot of Halloween or other fun anytime. 👻


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Elizabeth O

Sunday 6th of October 2019 many pumpkin carving ideas to choose from. I'm sure the halloween will be exciting with these .

Steph S

Saturday 28th of September 2019

So perfect! I have a little one who loves to help with the pumpkins!


Saturday 28th of September 2019

Honestly, not aware that there is already such template. This will definitely make those pumpkin all the more cute for Halloween.

Olya Amanova

Saturday 28th of September 2019

This is so cool to engage kids in the process. I will implement this ideas and make a real holiday for the boys. Thank you for the inspiration.

Celebrate Woman Today

Saturday 28th of September 2019

Any kiddo would be happy to pick from this collection. So many possibilities.

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