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15 awesome Animal Kingdom Hidden Mickeys to find with the kids

We are running a series of posts on the best Hidden Mickeys in Walt Disney World in Florida. We have already taken a look at the App Hidden Mickeys, and today we are exploring all the ones that we managed to find within the Animal Kingdom. There are, of course, many more than these Animal Kingdom Hidden Mickeys, so don’t forget to check out our Hidden Mickeys Search Guide, so that you get the best out of the fun to be had looking for them all!

Animal Kingdom Hidden Mickeys - we found 15 of them - can you find more when you take your trip to Disney? Can you find the ones we did in our photos? Check them out, go on!

The Animal Kingdom is a perfect place for Hidden Mickeys – it is rife with spots after all, and we found plenty of them out and about that seem to be taking that classic mickey shape!

1. Bees in the Island Mecantile Store

One of our first Animal Kingdom Hidden Mickeys was inside one of the stores, and it really is worth keeping your eyes out in stores, as well as one the rides, as some of our favourite hidden mickeys are located inside, as well as out. Look out for the bees and the honeycombs, and you will be able to spy some of the spots within one of the honeycombs taking on a very familiar shape!

The Island Mercantile store in the Animal Kingdom has one of the best hidden mickeys in the honeycomb - take a look at the others we found and see if you can see them too!

2. Spotty dinosaurs in Dino-land

Dino-Land in the Animal Kingdom is a great place for the kids, with rides for young and old, and the entrance sign to Dino-Land didn’t disappoint for hidden mickeys either. What do you think?

Dinoland in the Animal Kingdom as a few hidden mickeys too - and one of the best ones is here - can you spot it, and the others from our article?

3. Meteors in Primeval Whirl

There were a few hidden mickeys within the ride at Primeval world in the Animal Kingdom, but we only managed to get a snap of one of them while we were on the ride – watch out for the other and share them with us if you get the chance.

Primeval Whirl has a few of the best hidden mickeys in its meteors - how many can you spot? Check the other hidden mickeys out within our article...can you find more?

4. Welcome to Primeval Whirl

As you can see, the meteors are primed for hidden mickeys, but the dinosaurs that welcome you to the ride haven’t missed a hidden mickey trick either!

Watch out for those best Animal Kingdom Hidden Mickeys within the Primeval Whirl entrance - check out the other ones at Walk DisneyWorld Florida on the site as well.

5. Flamingo Island – the real life one!

You can see this in the app, but there is the real-life one as well…harder to see, so we took it from a fair few angles, and we hope you agree that there is definitely a mickey in there…honest!

Flamingo Island - a classic mickey, but rather cleverly hidden! Check out the other best Animal Kingdom Hidden Mickeys we found - what have YOU found!

6. Pots and Pans on the Maharaja Jungle Trek

We suspect that this one changes quite regularly, but the pots and pans within the Maharaja Jungle trek are a bit of an upsidedown mickey – wouldn’t you agree?

Maharaja Jungle Trek has a few hidden mickeys, and we think this one changes - don't you?

7-10 Maharaja Trek – look at those murals and walls!

Maharaja Jungle trail has lots of great Animal Kingdom Hidden Mickeys, you need to keep a close eye on the murals, so that you don’t miss them all:

  • The leaves above the tiger are in a little bit of a suspicious shape… ;-)
  • Check out the ear-rings on the Maharajah, and I’m sure you will agree that these are one of the best hidden mickeys, classic and so well hidden,
  • The edging of the picture of the royal palace as another hidden mickey within the patterns, and
  • Finally, we find one of the monsters on the wall had a necklace that was an upsidedown mickey too.

The Maharajah Jungle Trek murals and walls - keep a watch out for the hidden mickeys here!

We hope you can see them all in the above; htere are ear-rings on a maharaja, leaves behind the Tiger, ornaments on a necklace and even a hidden mickey just beneath the bud in a flower!

11/12 Expedition Everest shop

We had only just recovered from the ride on Expedition Everest when we found these two hidden mickeys in the shop!

Watch out for two of the best hidden mickets in WDW in the Expedition Everest shop!

14. Kali River Rapids Queue

While we were waiting for the Kali River Rapids ride, we spotted a little upside down Mickey right at the bottom of one of the columns. I’m sure you can see it too.

These were the last hidden mickeys in the animal kingdom that we found before our dinner - can you spot them all?

15. Rainforest Cafe

The last of the Animal Kingdom Hidden Mickeys we located was the one outside the Rainforest Cafe, just outside the entrance to the Animal Kingdom park. This is a lovely restaurant, and we really enjoyed the food there. It was made all the better by dining knowing we’d got that last, 15th Hidden Mickey too!

The last of the Animal Kingdom Hidden Mickeys that we found was just before out dinner in The Rainforest Cafe - can you see it here?

I am sure you’ll agree that this one is rather cool, right? So a great way to end the Hidden Mickeys Animal Kingdom hunting :-D.

Keep up to date with our quest for Hidden Mickeys in Disney with our Pinterest Board (below), and don’t forget to ign up for the next articles on this on the blog. We are going to do a few more from the other parks as well. After all – we’ve covered the app Hidden Mickeys, so lets keep going!

Our visit to Disney World was part of the holiday we did, with a press reduction from American Sky; all opinions, and Mickey hunts are our own.

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