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Where to find Walt Disney World app Hidden Mickeys

We’ve given you advice on how to search for the Hidden Mickeys in the Walt Disney World Florida, and other Florida parks – but what did we actually find? We’ve searched high and wide for the best Florida Hidden Mickeys for you so you can get a head start on your hunting before you even land! This is the first in our series of posts on the delights of hidden Mickey hunting, and we are going all high tech first of all! Lets find those app Hidden Mickeys for you to start with :-D.

We've been hidden mickey hunting inside the Disney App for Walt Disney World Florida - can you find them too?

Don’t forget to get prepared before you go, by downloading, and researching what you can. Or if you would rather “blind” Mickey hunt – then go for it. Once you’ve been to each of the Florida parks looking for those Hidden Mickeys, you can check out what we saw, and see what you missed – or even better share with us the ones WE didn’t spot!


I’m not going to mess about – we are going to share with you the Hidden Mickey that WE loved the most FIRST, before we launch into this adventure with our app Hidden Mickeys. This was a spot on our very first day in the parks, at Epcot – and my son found it. Nine year old eyes are a LOT sharper than forty year old ones it would seem…

This is our favourite of all of our best hidden mickeys in Walt Disney World Florida - the boy found it, and its AWESOME! I haven't seen it on any of the sites either; so could it be a first??! Well done that lad, and check out all the others we found too - go on! Its so much fun to find them all!

This was Chinese lettering on one of the stands outside the Chinese pavillion, and unusually, it is NOT the classic Hidden Mickey. It is a symbol that clearly looks like Mickey in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Don’t you agree?

We have split the other ones into their respective parks to make it a little easier to work your way through them. Which is YOUR favourite, let us know on Twitter or in the comments below. Happy Hidden Mickey hunting!

App Hidden Mickeys

Believe it or not, those Mickeys get absolutely everywhere, and while we were using the Disney App (iOS and Android), we spotted a few of them within the map section.

1. Flowerbeds at Epcot

The first one is within the Epcot map – just take a look at the entrance to FutureWorld, and the “golf ball” as our kids affectionately called it, and there is a classic Hidden Mickey within the flower bed just in front of it.

The Epcot map within the app is another location for one of our best hidden mickeys in Walt Disney World - look at the flower bed! Find others in the article - you'll love looking we promise!

2. Disney Springs Fountains

The app doesn’t just cover the parks, it also include Disney Springs, where you can embracing the shopping culture in the stats Disney Style! The map for this is included within the app, and take a close look next to the Once Upon a Toy store, and you might just spot something a little unusual about the fountains there, can you see it?

The app gives you some of the best hidden mickeys - even outside the parks. Check this one out from Disney Springs! And do also look at the other ones you can find in the rest of the article too!

3. Funny Flamingo Island at Kilimanjaro Safari

The Kilimanjaro Safari was one of our kids favourite rides within the Animal Kingdom; they loved the animals, and even the “pretend” bridge dangers we encountered! If you take a look at the Safari and Flamingo Island on the App, you will notice that the sand around the palm trees is sculptured into that famous Mickey shape. You can see the shape in real life too, so check it out a bit further down below; though it is a lot harder to capture on camera than it is within the app.

Some of the best hidden mickeys are actually in the Disney app - so you can see them at your leisure - can you spot this one in Kilimanjaro Safari? Check out the others in our article!

Why not visit our Hidden Mickeys board on Pinterest too – we are going to be adding to it as we share these articles with you, so you can see the hidden mickeys all in one place!

We’ve got more Hidden Mickey posts to come, so watch this space, perhaps you would like to subscribe to KiddyCharts, so you don’t miss anything new on this? We’ve also got some great free activities, printables, and craft coming up too.

Happy Hunting!

Our visit to Disney World as part of our visit to Florida, where we were given a press discount from American Sky. All hidden Mickey chaos is our own!

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