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6 activities for non-skiers going on ski-ing holiday this winter: You CAN have fun too!

Millions of people all over the world that enjoy the classic winter sport of skiing, but there are still those that don’t think a winter break in the snow is for them because they don’t like the sport. One of those people is ME. I am really not into my ski-ing; my family love it, […]

by Helen • February 8, 2018
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Ski-ing in my sleep

I’m unstoppable; I talk non-stop, I think non-stop, I do cartwheels non-stop, but most importantly I would love to ski non-stop. Even in my sleep. Ski-ing wasn’t something my mum and dad thought I would take to. I can be a little reticent with new activities you see; they think I like to feel in […]

by Helen • October 30, 2015
Family holiday locations & tips

Six tips when booking a family ski-ing holiday with non skiers

Last week, I shared some of the wonderful pictures with you that I took on my recent holiday to Chatel as part of the Instagram #CapturingLifeLaughterLove hashtag campaign…but this week, it is time for some proper bona fide travel advice…I know, shocking isn’t it! As you can tell from this post, I am a non-skier. It […]

by Helen • May 6, 2015
We recently went on a ski-ing holiday - well the kids did, I just chilled out. Instagram captures it perfectly...we wouldlove to go back and can't wait. Where is your favourite place to ski?
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Chatel in Instagrams #CapturingLifeLaughterLove

Recently I had a most gorgeous holiday in Chatel in France. It was more than beautiful for a number of reasons, but the most important one was that I actually managed to relax, and give myself some me time for a very rare moment. I switched off the email. I switched off the phone. And […]

by Helen • April 30, 2015
Are you planning ski-ing in pregnancy - if you are then check out these top tips from a woman who has been there done that! And taken her other kid too ;-)
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Skiing and pregnant … tops tips to survive your winter holiday

  When I was pregnant with number two in 2007, we went skiing. Bad planning on my part, but my husband likes it and I like my husband. We had a 15 month old at the time. It was not easy looking after a toddler when 5 months pregnant on a rather nippy winter holiday. […]

by Helen • January 7, 2015
We found somewhere in the UK to ski on our doorstep - Hemel Snow Centre rocks (according to my son) ;-)
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Ski-ing in THIS country – but how?

  My little boy is seven and has changed so much since he was a little bundle of joy…   However, one thing that seems not to change is his inabiity to STAY STILL. He moved, bounced, and hiccuped all through my pregnancy, and hasn’t stop moving since then. He seems to have boundless energy, […]

by Helen • December 19, 2014
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Drinking, blogging and sitting on ski poles…

This last week my kids have mostly been skiing – and I have mostly been messing about with my blog. I don’t ski; I do believe that I mentioned my skiing holiday with the kids last year where my little ski mice put me to shame on the slopes. This year, we have taken a little […]

by Helen • April 9, 2014
Skiing with kids: We had a great time!
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Skiing with kids: Face your fear!

We went ski-ing over the holidays, it was the kids first time, my fourth time, and my husbands, erm, well lots of times. I am still afraid of ski-ing, and I think that I always will be, but I don’t want my kids to share my fears; in anything, and that includes ski-ing. Caution is […]

by Helen • April 17, 2013