Skiing with kids: didn't they do well!

We went ski-ing over the holidays, it was the kids first time, my fourth time, and my husbands, erm, well lots of times. I am still afraid of ski-ing, and I think that I always will be, but I don’t want my kids to share my fears; in anything, and that includes ski-ing. Caution is a good thing, but bland panic, well that’s another matter….

I was a little worried about what it would be like going, because of this fear, I wasn’t actually plan on ski-ing myself. Ski-ing isn’t for everyone it seems. I always thought that part of the reason for my innate fear was because I learnt too late, and so I didn’t want the same fate to wait my two kids.

That’s why I agreed to doing on a ski-ing holiday with kids despite not really being able, or liking ski-ing myself.

Stuntboy is happy to do anything that involves anything remotely active, and seemed convinced that he would just be able to stick skis on his feet, and then would be ski jumping like Eddie the Eagle Edwards in about two minutes flat.

Clearly that didn’t happen, but he was parallel turning within a week. Strictly, these lovely medals they got….well, Stuntboy’s was a silver, but we thought two bronzes would potentially cause less consternation from Chatterbox, and as there is going to be another ski holiday in future, we could set that one right then…!

Both of them were brilliant, and I am incredibly proud; no fear, little tears, and lots of bouncing balls!

” If you fall over, the first thing you do is giggle, and then bounce right back up again like the little rubber balls you are to us both!”

That worked a treat, more giggles than tears. My two ski mice won their bronze medals with their ski school, and were amazingly proud of themselves. Now we have another reward we can add to our list for our charts – dry slope ski-ing!

It’s important that we all face our fears. I have faced mine four times now, and I still haven’t been able to overcome it, but at least I have managed to teach my kids not to copy it. And that, as far as I am concerned is a great success.

Do you like ski-ing? Or are you, like me, happy to sup tea/coffee/diet coke in a cafe while the others do all the hard work?!?

Skiing with kids: We had a great time!

Skiing with kids: We had a great time! But we did tire them out, as you can see…